Worst. Article. Ever.

By Dean L

I have no doubt that there are many on the left who swallow this tripe whole. Vox has an article on 3 reasons the American Revolution was a mistake. I kid you not.  The author seems to feel that the U.S. would have been better off as part of the U.K. And the reasons are at best, weak. This has got to be the worst article ever written (so far).  The only reason I bring it up is because it would be wonderful for the comment section to get flooded with derisive (but intelligently articulated) comments. Oh, but there's no comments section.  I wonder why.

Personally I can think of myriad reasons that's not the case but let me just throw one at you.  Imagine the United States being dragged into WWII in 1939, woefully unprepared as it was.  It would have increased the chances that the Axis powers emerged victorious.  So there's that.

If you can stomach reading it, take a look and feel free to add your thoughts here instead.


  1. Dean: I'm glad you read the Vox article. See? There are things foreigners will do that Americans won't!
    IMHO, Vox is a cesspool where original thoughts go to die. It seems to me that periodically they publish outlandish stories that not even they believe, just as click bait. As such I try not to do anything that gives them the false hope of being relevant.
    Oh, and there was another group of people who thought the American Revolution was a mistake. We called them 'Tories'. Imagine that...Vox being scooped by nearly two and a half centuries! Go figure!

  2. Normally I don't read Vox, but I guess their click bait title worked because I had to see how badly they missed it on this one. Cesspool indeed.

    By the way, it's ironic that the free market, pro-democracy, low tax loving Conservative party here in Canada are nicknamed Tories.

    1. I may be a Tory before this election cycle is through!

    2. I was thinking the other day if all of the disaffected conservatives from the U.S.A. would just move to Canada, we'd be able to swamp the liberals and socialists here (our entire population is about that of California and if even only 40% of the American electorate is conservative that's about 120 million people). Combined that would be ~150 million people, mostly conservative. We could exit the British Commonwealth, Draft a real Constitution and build a an awesome country.


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