Golden Oldie: Liberals Who Vote, Like Trump. Liberals Who Don't Vote, Like "Cops"

Remember that old saying "You are what you eat"? Maybe today it's also true that you are what you watch? National Media Inc. did a demographic study of who watches what on TV, based on their party affiliation and tendency to vote.

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Surprise, surprise when I saw a number of my favorites in the upper right hand, Republican who vote quadrant! Celebrity Apprentice, on the other hand, with The Donald, was the show deemed most popular among the most liberal in the audience. Never seen it myself! "Wive Swap", which, in the spirit of full disclosure I have also not seen, was popular with the most liberal in the audience that tends not to vote.

Curious, I thought, was the presence of "Cops" in the more liberal less vote crowd. Isn't this show on (whispers) Fox*? Maybe among liberals who sit home on election day, there is also a fascination with seeing themselves,their friends and their neighbors on TV??

 One other surprise was "House". I like the show and would have thought it would have skewed more right, but then, the show did lose some conservative viewers after Lisa Edelstein did that pro-abortion PSA.

 I could show you that, but instead, I'll show you one of the reasons some of us still watch, in spite of that:

*Sometimes called "Pox" by those who love it, watch it every day, but are embarrassed to admit it in front of fellow liberals.

Update: Democrat voters watch measurably more television than Republican and swing voters. According to National Media Research

You can also see the cable trends here.
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Originally published 4/30/11

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