Boycott Watch Mojo

By Dean L

I've viewed and enjoyed WatchMojo's Top 10 lists many times. They're one of Youtube's largest channels.  I think I've even posted some of their videos.  No longer.  I am asking readers to boycott WatchMojo going forward.

This video is very, very disturbing.  Ir's disturbing not because WatchMojo shouldn't be allowed to share their opinions, but rather because there is so much misinformation in it that will mislead people into supporting Sanders erroneously. And they've done so under the guise of entertainment and a Top Ten list.

The gushing is truly sickening as well. So is the tacit endorsement of socialism, without any sort of explanation of what it really is, glossing over the truth about what socialism is, as if it were accepted fact that socialism equals compassion.

Like I said, I support their right to state their opinion.  I also support everyone else's right to boycott them as  a statement of their own opinions too.

Interestingly, they also had a backhanded slap of Hillary Clinton using a Top Ten list of why she 'may not win' the presidency.  The timing, about a month after the gushing over Bernie.

It's awkward to be including these videos in a call for a boycott, but I think it's necessary to explain why I believe that WatchMojo doesn't deserve our eyes on their pages.

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  1. Disclaimer: I am probably not part of WatchMojo's demographic. (It sounds like a place you might go to get your Timex repaired.) The fact that I have never heard of them until today is probably proof of that. Still, anyone who thinks Sanders has a snowball's chance of becoming president is whistling by the graveyard. (You millennials who have never heard that phrase can probably Google it. Urban dictionary, maybe?)
    There are not many people, places or things I actually boycott, but I do have a long list of those I ignore. I'll just add WatchMojo to the list.

    1. Dating yourself more than not watching WatchMojo - the Timex reference. ;) You're not missing much by ignoring them unless you are into Top Ten lists on any topic. Sadly, they get tens of millions of monthly views from the U.S. alone. Those views are probably from the political low information demographic that likely supported Obama and would support Sanders.

      Frankly Colonel Sanders would make a better president, but those voters will probably never know any better.

    2. Yeah, it's heck getting old. I saw this one political cartoon where the teacher is talking about Daylight Savings time and she's telling the class to set their clocks back an hour, and a kid sticks up his hand and asks "What's a clock?"


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