The problem with GOP primary voters is...

...that they just love the front runners from last time around.  How else do you explain Mitt Romney leading the Iowa straw poll? The good news is he's ahead of Jeb Bush.  The other bad news?  Jeb Bush is in second place.  

Coming soon?  Clash of the Establishment Titans.


  1. I don't know how much of it is the infatuation of the Legacy Media, who would love to pick the weakest and squishiest opponent for their favorite Democrat to run against, but Mitt, Jeb, Christie and even Huckabee are all being accorded far more credibility than they deserve.

    1. That's the playbook. Praise the weakest Republican when it doesn't matter, and then skewer them when it's time. Since McCain, I don't know that the candidates themselves are dumb enough to fall for it anymore. But Republican primary voters? It's like name recognition is all that matters.

    2. Name recognition ranks high in the early polls. Who better to up your name recognition than the media? Then present the poll results as "news". Self fulfilling.


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