President Selfie is 111th Most Influential Person in History

By Proof

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Jesus is most famous person in history ... and President Selfie is only 111th, according to internet searches. (The Evil George Bush is 36th.)

Who'da thunk it? Not to say that this ranking shouldn't be taken with a grain of salt. For example, George Bush ranks (pun intended, for my BDS friends) higher than Sir Winston Churchill (whose bust Obama removed from the Oval Office). One could argue whether George Bush saved the world, but there is no such argument about Sir Winston. Ronald Reagan, certainly one of our greatest presidents, and Charles Dickens both beat out the Apostle Paul. News flash! The Apostle Paul is one of the reasons why Jesus was #1! As much as I love Reagan (or Dickens), the Apostle Paul has been read by more people, and influenced more than both of them combined.

John Kennedy (71) beats Obama - that's a no brainer. But, for fans of President Selfie, consider that both Richard Nixon (82), and Robert E. Lee (76) beat out Obama, too.

Grover Cleveland (98), beats Obama by 13, yet, I can't think of a single accomplishment during his time in office. Oh. Yeah. Right!

Also interesting, is that if you take the standings of Mohammed (3), Hitler (7) Karl Marx (14), Stalin (18), Louis the XIV (26) and FDR (43), they all add up to 111. Coincidence??? Hardly!


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  1. Next time I'll remember to add 'Closed Captioning for the Humor Impaired' for you and your little friends, Ema.

  2. 1) Don't know Ema...
    2) Therefore she isn't either a friend or for...

    Don't trouble yourself with closed captioning for the humor impaired, I get that you're a joke.

    1. You may not know Ema, but it's quite possible you were separated at birth.
      Therefore she isn't either a friend or for...(sic) But demonstrate near identical levels of erudition!

      I know you crave my attention, little Ema. Why else would you comment on a post you pretend no one cares about? Here's a clue, oh clueless one: There is a much more elegant way to express the thought "who cares". If you look back on any number of posts you've written over the years, and you look to see all of the comments I have made on them, when you don't see a comment, that's me (and most of the rest of the planet) saying "Who cares?"

      FYI, this post which your feeble mind cannot comprehend interest in (by your own admission), already has over 200 hits and 2+ recommendations. In the future, rather than demonstrate your humorlessness to the world, see if you can find a "Knock, knock" site better suited to your sense of humor?

      I'm currently working on a post bound to make your tiny, little head 'splode. See if offers head 'splode insurance. Buy it now.

  3. Yeah, whatever you say Charlie Brown.

    Oh wow, 200 hits. Congrats.

    Do enjoy your Holidays..

    1. 200 hits so far. Sounds like you and your bong before you comment here! Merry Christmas!

  4. Cute Charlie Brown! Original. Keep em coming!

  5. Poor little Ema! Look, we know you have a sense of humor. Who else could write the drivel you do and still call himself "rational"? But, you have got to get over your envy and jealousy of me. If you were to write something 'really good' it might help you deal with your feeling of inadequacy. With that in mind, here's my two point plan for you to improve your writing:

    1. Find a better way to express your thoughts.

    2. Have some thoughts

    You're welcome!

  6. I realize the only thoughts that you approve of are those that mirror your own. That is perfectly fine by me Charie Brown.

    Happy Holidays, and say HI to Lucy for me.

    1. The only thoughts that mirror my own are those that are logical, rational and honest. Try mirroring them sometime. Make that your New Year's resolution!

  7. Nice selfie thought.

    Don't concern myself with resolutions and don't take orders.

    1. My, my! Six comments and counting. I guess the answer to your original question Heh.


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