Obama's Signature Accomplishment

By Proof

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Running on empty.

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  1. You forgot the previous President signature accomplishment gauge for comparison. I'll stand in for ya.

    GAUGE SLIGHTLY (miniscule amout) ABOVE EMPTY,,, George W. Bush

    1. Perhaps you could acquaint yourself with current events before you comment, Ema-ito. Obamacare is referred to as Obama's "signature" accomplishment, not George Bush's. The graphic shows Obama's "signature" (you still with me?), on his signature accomplishment. The gas gauge represents the epic failure of the website and millions of people who have lost their insurance, with the prospect of millions more losing their insurance as the employer mandates kick in. This by no means encompasses the epic fail of his entire presidency: foreign policy, the economy, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, etc. etc. The operative word is "signature".

      Should I have included a "Closed Captioning for the Humor Impaired" for you?

  2. Touched a nerve I see. Good

    As for current events, up on them Professorio Dildorio

    As to humor, LMAO at everything your partisan a** posts.

    Got a life? No. Well get one before it'S too late.

    1. "Touched a nerve I see" Hardly. Your delusions of adequacy precede you.

      your partisan a** posts Inaccurate as ever, Ema. There was nothing partisan here until you felt compelled to (erroneously) bring up some imagined equivalence to George Bush. Your inability to judge Obama based on the content of his character has nothing to do with any partisanship you imagine on my part.

      You speaking of anyone getting a life is funny, since every time you show up, you fail to address the topic and add nothing of substance to the discussion. (And make bogus assumptions, like the other Ema). I've often said that liberals are irony impaired. I suppose that extends to neo-liberals like yourself?

      "Professorio Dildorio"? Really? Yet another Irrational Notion: Pathetically juvenile, but still, totally in character!

      Next time you don't get the joke, all you have to do is say so!

  3. Fail to address it to your liking perhaps.

    Good day.

    1. It's a good thing you have a life. Otherwise, three comments to me interjecting partisan politics and then condemning them, in a post about a play on words, might seem a bit obsessive! Feel free to obsess over me as much as you like. It's the sort of thing one does when one doesn't have a life...

      Now, be a good boy and show us that you're not obsessed with me and that you don't compulsively have to have the last word. (Stop laughing!)

  4. You may have the last word chuckles.

    Good day sir.


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