(VIDEO) Police Shoot at Minivan Full of Children in New Mexico

By the Left Coast Rebel   

Posted this on Facebook and thought it was interesting enough to post here as well.

When I first saw this video on the morning news I thought it happened in Mexico, not New Mexico and was another "that's why I wouldn't be caught dead traveling to Mexico" type stories. 

Watch it below; you won't believe it until you see it for yourself:

Granted, the mother in the video was a complete idiot and acted irrational. 

Nevertheless, I can't believe what the police did in this incident; they were in the wrong in using lethal force and put multiple (young) lives in danger.

Additional news reports have the police claiming that they found drug paraphernalia in the car, upon searching it. 

How convenient. 

What does it tell us that the War on Drugs defense is the first line of defense against police action seen above?


  1. That is some scary sh*t!

    You're right Tim, the woman acted irrationally, and perhaps there was drug paraphernalia. The women ought to face minor repercussions for her ill advised action(s).

    The officers, well, IMNHO ought to be suspended without pay pending an investigation and then possibly discharged from the force.

  2. Nobody was shot? Did any rounds actually hit the minivan? I know it's a mini, but . . .


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