Re-Branding Obamacare

By Proof

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How the mighty (in their own minds) have fallen! The signature accomplishment of Obama's tenure was to enact some form of universal healthcare, the "Holy Grail" of Democrats and progressives for the last century. Originally dubbed "Obamacare" in derision, Obama came to embrace the name: "Because I do care", and, after all, it is all about him! Now, Obama wants to "re-brand" the (Un)Affordable Healthcare Act, as if giving it a new name somehow would change any of its odious attributes. I'm thinking he should take a page from the "Geico gecko" campaign, although, I'm not sure that the "Obamacare Weasel" has quite the same cachet. Next time you see roadkill, for example, just think of it as a "random alternative to life". Hey! That's pretty good! Maybe Obama could re-brand "Random Alternative to Life Panels" in Obamacare?

So, in Obama's mind, the way to fix a bad law, that caused millions more to lose their affordable insurance than to gain it, is with more words, by re-branding it, and by delaying it for a year? That presents several problems:

A) if all these plans Obama would allow people to keep are, as the liberals keep telling us, "faux" insurance, substandard and inadequate policies, how is it doing anyone a kindness to keep these people in them another year?

B) if the law, as enacted, will cause millions of people to lose their healthcare plans and millions upon millions more to see their costs doubling and tripling over what they have now, how is merely delaying a bad plan for a year any more than just a band-aid upon a life threatening condition? Why not go for a cure, instead?

C) The Big "C", Obama has no Constitutional right or authority to randomly rewrite portions of the law all by himself. Obama assumes for himself the powers of the worst kind of banana republic, tinhorn dictator when he attempts to do so. All of the liberals who bleated that conservatives should accede to Obamacare because it's "the law of the land, passed by Congress, signed by the President and affirmed by the Supreme Court", should at least have the shame to admit that every change Obama makes in the law illegally, goes against both the spirit and the letter of the law they claimed to uphold.

But getting back to the re-branding. The Geico gecko tells us us that 'Fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance'. If the Obamacare Keystone Kops can ever get the website functional, and there's any truth in advertising: "Fifteen hours and triple your premiums can put all your personal information at risk from hackers".

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