Meanwhile, In Neville Kerry Land

By Proof

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i"There is no 'right' for Iran to enrich uranium. It's not in the document."
-John Kerry

Oh, well! If it's not in the document, what could possibly go wrong???
The administration also claimed it wasn’t recognizing Iran’s right to enrichment uranium, while Iran’s top nuclear negotiator, Deputy Foreign Minister Seyyed Abbas Araqchi, specifically told Iranian media that the agreement recognizes the country’s “enrichment program” and they wouldn’t have accepted a deal that didn’t recognize the right to enrich.
So, our Secretary of Stasis, John Kerry, has negotiated a deal where we transfer seven billion American dollars (much of it in cash), remove trade sanctions against them and in return, we get a document that both sides can't even agree upon what it says??

No wonder Teresa doesn't trust him with the checkbook!

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