Fascinating Map separates America into 11 Distinct Regions

By the Left Coast Rebel  

Just caught an interesting WaPo article that provides a glimpse into why America is so divided at this point in our history.

Even though I reside on the Left Coast, I'd say I line up with the folks residing in the Far West, Deep South and Greater Appalachia:

 Courtesy Tufts Magazine

What's missed in this fascinating article is that these mini-nation regions pictured above, so culturally different, should have the freedom to ultimately govern themselves.

Then, and only then, most of the problems our nation faces (caused by an overreaching central-planning Leviathan Federal government) would be resolved.

Check it out at the Washington Post.


  1. Very intresting map. Makes me wonder about your ancestral roots, LCR.

    1. Thanks, Jason, how are you? My grandparents came to CA from Texas and Missouri; ancestors came from Europe - England and Germany, to escape the things now happening to you and I in America.

  2. Doing OK thanks. I've been immersed in genealogy this year. (Mostly Tidewater and Deep South with a dash of Yankeedom Puritans) The up-close and personalized view of American history has made me even more ashamed of what we've allowed to happen to this country.


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