(VIDEO) Debt Limit: A guide to American Federal Debt Made Easy

By the Left Coast Rebel

Filmed a couple of years ago, but 100% applicable (of course, nothing has changed) to the nonsense that just went down in the U.S. Crapitol...

Hat-tip John Stossel


  1. Insanity. But, there is time before the ultimate collapse.

    Not that time will be used wisely or anything will change.

    The national debt must be serviced for what should be obvious short term reasons.

    The long term impact of our national fiscal irresponsibility is conveniently ignored by BOTH (my appology for the capa proof) parties and for obvious reasons.

    Good post Tim.

    1. "BOTH (my appology [sic] for the capa proof)" No apology needed. Your comments and erudition speak for themselves. (Stop laughing!)


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