Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Their Modern Equivalent: Obama

By the Left Coast Rebel  

Even though the image below is shutdown-related satire, in all reality (unlike Jefferson and Washington) the busts of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt should remain uncovered

Were it not for progressive revisionist history, more would know what these two men stood for and ushered in for this nation (i.e. "progressive" expansion of the state far beyond the limits placed upon the state in the Constitution). 

If more Americans really understood what the Founders like Washington and Jefferson stood for (and how our government has destroyed their vision) we wouldn't be where we are now.

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  1. As much as I admire Washington he was a Federalist and like Hamilton advocated a strong central government. Remember at the same time that a small fledgling nation without the size and complexity of our modern society certainty required much less government.

    But yes, the degree of federal involvement in our lives certainly has reached unprecedented levels.

    I must add that GWB rivals FDR with his expansion in scope and size of the federal government.

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