Yet More Foreigners Doing the Jobs Americans Won't Do...

By Proof

...this time, because of Obama's sequestration.

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The Royal Canadian Air Force exhibition team, the Snowbirds, is performing at the California Capitol Airshow, after the Blue Angels had to drop out for budget considerations. God forbid that some of our best pilots should get any more windshield time or practice in flying in tight acrobatic formations. We have Canadians to do that for us, eh?

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  1. Obama's sequestration is doing wonders for Canadian employment. I guess it's a gesture of goodwill as he's trying to make up for the delays on the Keystone XL pipeline (so the oil can go to China instead).

    Seriously though, while the Snowbirds are terrific pilots, it's a shame the Blue Angels are being grounded for something as silly as political optics.

    1. I'm with you on the Snowbirds. I'm glad they were able to take up the slack, our slack brained president has left us with.

      I saw some interesting discussions on oil when I was up in the Great White North, too. Glad to hear it's helping employment up there, too. Now if y'all could just get the beavers, loons and moose off your currency, you guys could be taken for a first world country! (I kid! I love Canada.)

    2. Actually, I'm with you on the furry animals on the currency thing Proof.

    3. Not that we don't all love beavers!!


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