Supes Start Siskiyou Secession? Sensational!

By Proof

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Doesn't this remind you a little bit of 'Northern Exposure'?

Well, maybe if there was a moose??

Barack Obama is one step closer to being correct about the 57 states of America. The Northern California county of Siskiyou is trying to secede. The county board of supervisors voted 4-1 to "pursue seceding from California".
Proponents say Siskiyou should form a new state -- called Jefferson -- with other counties in Northern California and Southern Oregon they believe share similar interests.
Let's get a preemptive strike in here for all the knuckle dragging, mouth breathing race baiters: The new state would be named after Jefferson...Thomas Jefferson. Not Jefferson Davis. Go peddle your 'Tea Party is the New Confederacy' meme to someone who cares!
"Many proposed laws are unconstitutional and deny us our God-given rights," said Happy Camp resident Gabe Garrison. "We need our own state so we can make laws that fit our way of life." "The state of Jefferson is the place I want to raise my son," Kayla Brown said. Resident complaints include a lack of representation in Sacramento and insufficient attention to major issues for the county, such as water rights and a rural fire prevention fee,

This is just the latest in a long line secession efforts here in the Golden State. We'll keep an eye on it, but secession's track record has not been successful to date. I'll post more on this later, but for now, I gotta split!

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  1. Maybe Detroit, "The Paradise Built By Unions" could secede and become part of Somalia.

    1. In Lewiston, Maine, their Mayor was chastised for advising Somali immigrants to assimilate. Maybe that's Detroit's problem as well?


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