Senator Ted Cruz's ObamaCare Filibuster

By the Left Coast Rebel   

I watched live about a half-hour of Ted Cruz's ObamaCare filibuster about 6 AM PST.

Is it possible that one senator's efforts (even if flanked by a few true conservative stalwarts like Rand Paul and Mike Lee) could possibly derail the socialist-corporatist disaster that is ObamaCare?

Not likely at all.

My takeaway, however is political: Even if you don't agree with him or personally like him you have to respect the fact that Ted Cruz is one of the only folks in Mordor on the Potomac willing to stand up and say, "Hell No!" to what his happening to our once-great nation.

The Feral government wouldn't be taking over 1/6 of the economy (and destroying our health care system in the process) if more decent people had simply done what was right, bukced the party line and stood up for what is right.

Honestly, GOP wouldn't suck so bad if there were more Ted Cruzes in the party. Sadly and pathetically, Ted Cruz's biggest critics are socialist republicans (for example, party leadership like John Boner, John McCain, etc.) who hide behind used-care salesman lies they spew at the conservative public every election cycle then connive behind the scenes to expand the state at every corner.


  1. Agreed, the human cost of the implementation of ObamaCare and the collapse it is designed to create should be THE ONLY issue to republicans right now. Obama is weak on every issue of late and still the RINO's are on the talk show circuit trying to misdirect the public toward an election.

    So, lets say Republicans win the 2014 mid-term and take the Senate. Obama will still be president and veto anything they do. That wouldn't change anything and the infrastructure of health insurance will be forever destroyed. Do they think ObamaCare will destroy insurance and wake up America? Well, it will destroy it and make even more people dependent upon government single payer health care, but there will be NO way to restart the insurance industry under all the new regulations.

  2. I say this with a firm belief in the Classical Liberal principals that this greatest of republics was founded on, that the voice and power of the people as determined by the ballot box must prevail and partisan bickering and special interest concerns need give way to the majority voice of the people.

    ObamaCare does not in the final analysis result in individuals becoming less free or lose our liberties to lead our individual lives as we choses. It is not ideal, it has flaws, and it needs (certainly) to be tweaked and modified. But it is no worse than our current system which benefits Big Pharna and insurance companies.

    Rather than continuing Ted the Crapman Cruz and his totally self serving political aspirations why not discuss and work towards actually building a better mousetrap that will benefit all Americans and reduce healthcare costs?

    Sometimes, actually more often than not, it makes sense to think outside the box. Limiting free markets to 17th century dogma may very well be the undoing of the free market.

    Remember this, and it took me 40 years to learn it... Effective and productive systems adapt to changing circumstances and times

    Think about it Tim. You're a smart as well as sharp guy. You may want to revist Thomas Paine and his many thoughts.

    The voice of the people does not mean the voice of the privileged or the loudest. We have a constitution that protects the individual rights of the minority. Look past the hyperbole and the influence of special interests.

    1. "ObamaCare does not in the final analysis result in individuals becoming less free or lose our liberties to lead our individual lives as we choses (sic)" Tell that to the person whose working hours were cut to 29 hours a week. Tell that to a young person who may have chosen not to purchase health insurance, but to spend their limited resources on something else, but now will be forced to buy a government approved policy or pay a fine. Tell that to a young person who is buying insurance currently, but whose premiums will double or quadruple with the implementation of Obamacare.

      Your "final analysis" is fatally flawed.

    2. No, yours is.

      Stay encased in your 18th century fantasies.

    3. You must have missed my piece, "Obamacare Previewed in the Frozen North", where there is talk in Canada of banning people from obtaining private health services because it "wouldn't be fair" to those who have to wait in insufferably long lines. But then, if individuals are forbidden by law from obtaining private health care, it would not, in your final analysis, lead to these individuals becoming less free, less sick or less dead?

      BTW, most of us are still waiting for the "Rational" part from you. Will we have to wait much longer?? Regards.

  3. I find it so very amazing how everyone seems to run in all directions when arguments that cause them to question their template are put forth.

    I guess it is just the way it is for some.

    1. Little Ema, it astounds me how little you both say and what little evidence you both present for your arguments. I give three examples of that which contradicts your "final analysis" and in turn, you present no evidence and give a baseless ad hominem attack. Surely, Little Ema, you can do better than that?


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