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Listening to the Sunday shows, I heard what has to be the talking point to try to spin Obama's inept and ineffectual handling of the Syrian crisis. Twice, on Fox News Sunday, I heard Democrats talking about how Putin was "moving the ball" on Obama's Syria plan. Horse feathers! After rattling his rubber saber at Syria for the last year, drawing imaginary lines that he had no plan, intention or clue as to how to back up his empty rhetoric, Obama is not in charge, as his flunkies would like to have you believe.

To use a football analogy, they imply that the plan to deal with Syria was Obama's, the quarterback, and Putin is the running back to whom Obama handed the ball. Team effort, but Obama calls the shots. (Hard a hard time writing that with a straight face!) Putin is indeed moving the ball quickly, but more like Rick McKee's cartoon above. Or a fumble recovery by Putin, after Obama and Kerry fumbled the ball. And that's if you concede that Obama is even on the field. He may have more in common with the crazy fan in the end zone, wagging his foam finger, taking credit for how well "his" team is doing.

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The President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, has cancelled a trip to the US, and the chance to be feted by Barack Obama, over the NSA spying worldwide. How many times in your lifetime have you heard of a head of state refusing to meet with or be honored with a state dinner by the putative Leader of the Free World? Again, if the crazy guy in the end zone, with his face painted in team colors, asks you out for a drink after the game, you have to think of your reputation if someone sees you with him!

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There's a new app putting your favorite translation of the Bible on your smart phone. It's called You Version. It's about to reach 100 million installs according to them. Could this do for the Bible for this generation what Gutenberg did for his? Oh, and it's free...

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Saw 'The Wolverine' last night. Not a bad movie, not a great movie. A little more nuanced than most comic book movies, yet it had a distinctive comic book feel to it. I could further enhance my geek cred by going into what was wrong with the movie, but why spoil the fun! In keeping with Marvel's penchant for a brief clip of coming attractions, the good news is, they're not making you wait for the absolute end of the credits here. For those of you who have the babysitter double parked, it has to do with an X-Men sequel, and the return of Professor X.

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That's random enough for now. Got to see if I can rally my Niners to overcome their point deficit in the fourth quarter. Or maybe they could blame the deficit on Bill Walsh?

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  1. So, continue the spin. After all best to spin circumstances to fit the desired template. Truth be damned. FOX, MSNBC, CNN, and many blogs of both right and left persuasion can go piss up a rope.


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