Harry Reid is an Ignorant Fascist With Stinky Feet*

By Proof

*According to the Harry Reid School of logic and reasoning. (Stop laughing!)

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Fascist is a very precise term that describes a certain sort of person. How can I state with certainty that "Harry Reid is an Ignorant Fascist With Stinky Feet", when I've never been within twenty feet of his feet? It's quite simple really (much like Harry)! Whenever you want to call your opponent names, you pick out a word that sounds bad and then presume it means whatever you want it to mean. In other words, the Humpty Dumpty school of Rhetoric. Harry Reid, the Dimbulb from Searchlight, said the following:
"We're not going to bow to tea-party anarchists who deny the mere fact that Obamacare is the law. We will not bow to tea-party anarchists who refuse to accept that the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is constitutional."

Which is funny, on the face of it, since Obama is the one known for bowing to petty tyrants and monarchs around the globe. But, lets take an honest look at his dishonest use of the word "anarchists". A dictionary definition to start?
an·ar·chist [an-er-kist] noun 1. a person who advocates or believes in anarchy or anarchism. 2. a person who seeks to overturn by violence all constituted forms and institutions of society and government, with no purpose of establishing any other system of order in the place of that destroyed. 3. a person who promotes disorder or excites revolt against any established rule, law, or custom.

Definition one: Does the tea party, organized or otherwise believe in or advocate anarchy? Of course not! In order to believe that, you'd have to be delusional enough to believe that Harry Reid is competent, or that Obamacare would lower the insurance premium of a family of four by $2,500 a year, instead of increasing it $7,500.

Definition two: Why would Senator Cruz seek to filibuster the Senate, if the tea party "seeks to overturn by violence all constituted forms and institutions of society and government". Can Senator Dimbulb Reid point to any instance of the tea party seeking to overturn by violence ALL constituted forms and institutions of society and government? That sounds more like his friends in the Occupy movement. The tea party seeks to re-establish the preeminence of the Constitution and the return to a true Constitutional Republic, which, the last time I looked, was an institution of society and government. Maybe Harry should stick to things he knows about, like government subsidies for cowboy poetry.

Definition three comes closest to a fig leaf for poor Harry, if you used "promotes disorder or excites revolt" very, very loosely. And one could argue that Obamacare is an "established" law, even though the Executive branch picks and chooses which parts of the law to implement and enforce and which parts of the law it chooses to ignore. Hmm. Wonder what the definition of "people who ignore laws" is?

But, even if by tortuous definition one were to equate the opposition of one law with the opposition of all law and order, may we look at the consistency of Mr. Harry Pencilneck Geek Reid?

Throughout the history of our nation, there have been those who opposed slavery. Slavery was the established law of the land for the first century of our nation's founding. Were those who opposed slavery "anarchists", Mr. Reid?

"Jim Crow" laws were established in the South, Mr. Reid. Were those who opposed Jim Crow "anarchists", Mr. Reid?

The law of the land denied women's suffrage. (That means they couldn't vote, Harry.) Were those people who advocated women's suffrage "anarchists", Mr. Reid?

How about gay marriage? Child labor?? Roe v. Wade??? In the dim recesses of whatever passes for your mind, is everyone who has ever advocated for a law to be changed, an "anarchist"????

Why the people of Nevada consistently return such a dim witted fool such as yourself to public office is a bit of a mystery and more than a little bit an American tragedy. The fact that you are the leader of the Senate which your party controls speaks volumes as to how low their standards actually are.

I am willing to admit that I might be wrong in my assessment. Your feet may not stink at all. Your record as a "public servant", however, does.

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  1. Fascism describes both political and economic systems.

    But making it personal I suppose is more fun and makes for better press.

    Don't want to challenge the intellectual engines on a Friday as it has after all been a long week.

    1. For those who didn't quite catch the premise, this was not a treatise on Harry Reid's fascist beliefs (if any), but rather an illustration of the hypocritical incendiary rhetoric that Reid uses to falsely malign his opponents: i.e. the tea party is not comprised of anarchists. Not even close.

      The same principle applies to his "stinky feet", in case that escaped you as well. I'm also not aware of a "Stinky feet" party, given your penchant to peer through a partisan prism. NTTAWWT.

    2. Moi, partisan? Ha, tis a clear case of pot calling kettle black.

      Oy Vey!

    3. Mirabile dictu! And the kettle finally admits it's black! I understand that's the first step... Heh.

    4. Most would understand that it is indeed the pot (hint that would be the post author) which my astute comment is addressing.

    5. And most would also note the cluelessness of the kettle when it comes to his own obsession with finding partisan notions even where they do not exist. We won't go into the mentality of those who use the trite and tired aphorism "pot calling the kettle black" and calling it "astute", unless they were given to the same Humpty Dumpty school of rhetoric which has produced Harry Reid.

  2. Oh, as a footnote Ayn Rand and Leonard Piekoff both had a lot to say about facism and which party is most fascistic in the USA

    But of course you knew that, right?

  3. .

    "Fascist is a very precise term that describes a certain sort of person." No. 'Fascist' is the term wild-eyed, petulant, extremist LOSERS use to describe winners. Oh, and you forgot - Nazi, Ben Gazi, and 'Fast and Footloose'.

    "... since Obama is the one known for bowing to petty tyrants and monarchs around the globe."

    So now _YOU_ are calling the uber-patriots of the TeaBaggers petty tyrants and monarchs?

    "Throughout the history of our nation, there have been those who opposed slavery. Slavery was the established law of the land for the first century of our nation's founding. Were those who opposed slavery "anarchists", Mr. Reid? "


    The ACA law is only like slavery IF:

    1. the person who is enrolled in ACA is owned by the government.
    2. the person who is enrolled in ACA can be bought and sold as their owner sees fit.
    3. the person who is enrolled in ACA can be ordered to work for no pay. Or get whipped.
    4. the person who is enrolled in ACA cannot go anywhere unaccompanied by their owner without a special pass.
    5. the person who is enrolled in ACA has virtually no civil rights -- no right to privacy, no right of free speech, no right to vote, etc.
    6. the person who is enrolled in ACA cannot leave the program, no matter how much they wish to escape.
    7. the person who is enrolled in ACA is subject to having his/her family broken up at the whim of their owner.
    8. Etc., etc., etc.

    And Nazi, Ben Gazi, Footloose ......

    This isn’t about winning, it is about not having to admit defeat.

    You are no “the loyal opposition,” you exist only to seek revenge for the shame of losing to President Barack Obama. Your uncompromising extremism drives you forward oblivious to all else, fixed on a single unobtainable goal that you will never reach even as civilization crumbles unnoticed around you. Your unreasoning rage and boiling arrogance blinds you.

    Americans as a nation had a clear opportunity to end ACA themselves.

    Last November they could have elected a president who promised to repeal the ACA by executive fiat on his first day in office. Instead they overwhelmingly reelected Barrack Obama. The message to congress, to conservatives, and most especially to the Tea Party extremists, was clear and unequivocal: their philosophy was soundly rejected by the people and the country they claim to represent."

    "Your record as a "public servant", however, does." So, what is your record of public service?

    Ema Nymton

    1. #1. If the government controls your health care, the ultimate goal of ObamaCare (single payer govt. controlled health care), they will be able to dictate everything you just listed under slavery, down to what you eat. You will not be able to opt out because there will be no alternative.

      #2. I guess you missed the IRS scandal which was about suppressing the 2012 vote, just as Benghazi was about lying to the voters about the arming of Al Qaeda by President Obama in order to again ...falsify the 2012 vote. "Last November" was not a "free and fair" election, and I haven't bothered to mention the voter fraud yet. There is a reason that the left opposes voter Id, they cheat. You cannot say that President Obama won the election in 2012 and "the message" is that the left cannot win elections and they know it and plan around it because their ideas are inferior.

    2. Ah, Ema! So nice to see that you possess so little in the cognitive thought department that you have to spam the same comment wherever you go. Fair enough! If you want to copy your comments, I'll copy my reply!

      Ema, we're so honored to be hosting your mental breakdown here. This may set a record for you saying the least with the greatest amount of verbiage.

      First of all, thank you for presenting your ignorance of the word "fascist. I wasn't seriously calling Mr. Reid a fascist, anymore than I was seriously saying he had "stinky feet". I was illustrating the absurdity of his statements. Most people with a room temperature IQ or higher would have gathered that from the very first sentence. Congratulations on being uber obtuse!

      Your mindless rant notwithstanding, I did not compare the Unaffordable Care Act to slavery (although, you may have a point there!) I was comparing "the law of the land", which, if Harry Reid were to ever draw a logical conclusion from the miasma between his ears, he might see that seeking to overturn a single law is not "anarchy".

      Normally I would take great pleasure in demolishing your foolish ignorance point by point, Ema, but you have become quite trite and tiresome. Need I say: boring?

      Needless to say, you cannot defend Reid's incorrect, semi-insane, almost Ema Nympton like usage of the word "anarchists" to slander his opponents, so you attempt to slander me instead. Nice.

      I guess it's like they say, "Fascists of a feather stick together!"* Go back under your bridge, Ema, until you can put together a cogent thought. Take provisions. It may be a long wait.

      *Closed Captioning for the Humor Impaired: It's a joke. (Much like you, Ema!)

  4. Although I must agree with some of what you say I also must ask, is green eggs and ham (apparently a potential trademark of the "New Republican Party") any less ridiculous than Senator Reid's remarks?

    1. Context is everything. Point out the portion of "Green Eggs and Ham" that advocates anarchy and perhaps we'll talk! Are you seriously trying to equate, that if anyone of any particular party (there goes your obsession with party again!) says something that is "ridiculous" that it excuses the blatantly ignorant and/or dishonest libels of a Senate majority leader, exclusive of whichever party he or she may belong?

    2. Did I say that? Answer, No. I have little time for partisan twisting by either side.

      Buff said?

    3. I'm still trying to figure out if the '18th century fantasy' you were droning on about concerned the Scarlet Pimpernel.

    4. I'm quite certain it will keep you occupied for some time. Carry on.

    5. Sorry! I had already dismissed your rants as part of your usual obfuscation. I've moved on to other things. You and your soulmate Ema should, too!

  5. I did, at 5:42 AM Sunday morning. Spent a very pleasant day away from the obtuse republican and democrat rhetoric.

    1. Then you came here and continued to stay away from the obtuse republican and democrat rhetoric. Good for you!


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