Waaahh, Raise the Minimum Wage!

By the Left Coast Rebel  

Over at the Liberator Today, B-Daddy turns our eyes to today's fast food strike across the nation - yes, the same strike that lovely SEIU no doubt trucked in a few hundred paid goons to picket and protest at while the media laps up the moment in typical government-media complex fashion as the idiots parrot sad sob stories about how Maria, at 22 has three children and can "barely make it" working at McDonald's. No kidding.

My "solution?"

Don't stop at $15/hour; raise the minimum wage to $45 and see what happens.

What, that's too high, you say?


The simple economic truth is that the same unintended consequences occur if and when the Feral government raises the minimum wage to $15 as they would if they raised it to $45... just on a less extreme scale. Fast food employees in need of valuable life and work lessons will be deprived of just that as firms cut back on employees and adjust by automating tasks typically filled by workers today.

Anyway, isn't fast food entry-level work? Isn't that kind of job not a career but a job that a young person scores to make ends meet as they taste freedom away from the parents for the first time or to pay bills while slugging through college?

I truly cannot believe the mentality of people in America any more. What happened to true grit?

Want a decent job? Learn a trade or go to school - become passionate, highly skilled and irreplaceable at something that commands a decent price in the marketplace. Don't have children before you are married or too young either for that matter. Get your ducks in a row before you make big life decisions. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. Even in today's declining America it's possible - for anyone.

And get the government out of everything - they do nothing less than distort, dispirit and destroy every single thing they touch; the "minimum wage" included.

Update: WC Varones notes that the goons are targeting Chipotle. I reccomend that you make it over to a Chipotle near you and celebrate an anti-SEUI fast food buycott by piling up a delicious bowl of something.

Go ahead and do it, you can pick the ingredients after all.


  1. I think we've all blogged about the minimum wage before (yesterday I suggested $50 per hour, glad to see we are in the same ballpark LCR, when it comes to defining ridiculousness). More than once. We all understand.

    The problem is that the logic of our arguments makes no difference whatsoever with SEIU and their ilk. Logic doesn't matter to them. Inciting anger and getting votes matters. Do you think president Obama would ever push for a $15 per hour minimum wage? No. Well, hopefully not anyway. So what is to stop the opposition from demanding it to win votes and then similarly, do nothing about it?

    I guess the answer to that is that they have a shade more integrity than the Democrats do (at least on that issue). Honesty about the minimum wage trumps a split on the votes of the uninformed.

    I know that doesn't solve the problem of educating people. I think what really needs to happen on the right is to understand how to connect to low information voters (and there are clearly a lot of them), in a way that sticks. I've been arguing it since 2008, and we are no closer to getting our points to sink in.

  2. Great points, Dean. Too many people don't operate or even consider logic and reason. The minimum wage actually creates unemployment and a host of nasty unintended consequences.

  3. These oinking pigs are lousy excuses for human beings. They deserve to be fired and blackballed from as many jobs as possible.

    Amazing that they expect a raise from loafing about, begging, and harassing customers and real workers.


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