An Honest Response to a Libertarian Sleight

By the Left Coast Rebel  

Earlier this morning I was perusing Professor Jacobson's usually-excellent Legal Insurrection blog and came across a photo post that seems to insinuate that libertarians are all just a bunch of hedonistic, pagan, atheistic wackos (based on some of the bumper stickers adorning the car).

So, I know that this is not the case and chimed in.

Here's what I said (edited for content):

What gives - I don't see a problem here and agree with most of the statements (80%) on the bumper stickers. Why not highlight the Founding Father quotes or pro-capitalism stickers? Why the less-than-subtle sleight that libertarians are all a bunch of atheistic wackos?

Further, I would rather align myself with a movement that truly stands for something (free markets, free will and personal responsibility as the bumper sticker states) than be associated with "republicans" that, in power, don't believe anything other than increasing the state at all levels while at the same time disingenuously selling "free market" ideas to the voting public.

I would vote for an honest-to-God prostitute that was forthright (and genuine) about decreasing the size and scope of government than what passes as "Republican" today.


  1. Tim, you've got Glenn Reynolds and Ron Paul on your side. Press on!

  2. I don't usually cut and paste a comment from RN USA unless I think it bermain to the issue. So perhaps you'll forgive me for the following...

    "Reduce military spending, reign the MIC, allow The Patriot Act to expire, eliminate the TSA and NSA, clean business and corporate lobbyists as well as union lobbyists and the NRA out of Washington, eliminate the ability of corporations, unions, and the NRA to bankroll candidates for state and national office, require lawmakers to be subjected to the same laws, health insurance, etc across the board as those they represent, eliminate the Federal Reserve System, severely curtail foreign aid, end the failed "War in Drugs, require every funding bill gets a up or down vote based SOLELY on the bills SPECIFIC purpose, Do a top to bottom review of the federal bureaucracy and eliminate unnecessary overlap or duplicity...

    Do a complete review of ObamaCare following a thorough and exhaustive study of European, Scandinavian, and Latin American national healthcare systems that are working successfully (W/O destroying the nation's fiscal integrity) and replace ObamaCare with a PROVEN successful model."

    But of course the Republicans, and the pro interventionist militaristic libertarians would rather talk about nonsense and do nothing other than continue to grow Big Daddy. I for one have had it. I too would vote for a honest prostitute who had the nation and the individuals best interest in mind.

    Good post Tim!

    1. Great excerpt, Les. Maybe we should start a third party, the "An honest Prostitute is Better than Both Parties" party.

    2. Given the record low congressional approval ratings it just might fly. Certainly couldn't do any worse!

  3. More and more the Libertarians are the only real choice. The Democratic and Republican parties unfortunately both believe in the same things: Bigger, intrusive government.


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