Zimmerman Found Not Guilty

By Proof

Verdict just in: George Zimmerman acquitted of murder/manslaughter charges.

Just about ten PM Eastern time, the verdict in the George Zimmerman case was announced. An early precursor of what the verdict might be, was when the Judge did not extend Zimmerman's 10 PM East Coast time curfew, as she had in the past. Maybe he wouldn't need it any more?

The court found George Zimmerman not guilty. The jury was polled - unanimous.

The judge then instructed jurors of their right not to discuss their deliberations.

Personally, it seems to me that justice has been done. There was not enough evidence presented, certainly not beyond a reasonable doubt, that George Zimmerman acted in anything other than self defense. Rhetorically, the prosecutor relied heavily on emotionally charged arguments, calling Trayvon a child, even trying to add the bogus charge of "child abuse" to the charges against Zimmerman.


  1. All the emotionalism aside it is evident that the system works as it is designed.

    Whether justice was served is a matter that will be debated for some time methinks.

    Personally, I think a very stupid man walked free and a young man's life was brought to an untimely end due to the very stupid man.

    1. Glad you were able to put all that emotionalism aside!

    2. Well, had Zimmerman listened to the police on that fateful night a young man would still be alive, the nation would have been spared the nonstop coverage of the trial, and we wouldn't have to listen to the left shrieking raaaaacism!

      Which as I'm sure you are aware has started in earnest on the left.

    3. "listened to the police" Are you referring to the 9-1-1 operator? In most jurisdictions, aren't they civilian employees, rather than licensed police officers? And in any event, you can tell us more about your new found acquiescence to all government authority. If I were to call 9-1-1, it would be to inform them of a serious situation or to request assistance, or both. I would not, in any way, shape or form, be submitting myself to any authority over me.

      The 9-1-1 operator gave Zimmerman advice, on what she thought would be best for his safety, which in retrospect, appears to have been correct. GZ may have been guilty of horrendously bad judgement, but at the same time, he was in possession of information that the operator did not. Namely, that he was armed. I do not recall any portion of the 9-1-1 tapes where Zimmerman offered up the information that he had a firearm. There have been occasions where I myself had ventured places armed, that might not have been prudent unarmed. Plus, he was there, she was not.

      But, if ignoring police advice constitutes "stupidity", consider that some police advise you not keep a firearm in your home for self defense, or if you must, to keep the weapon unloaded, and locked in one place with the ammunition locked in another. Would one be stupid to follow or ignore such advice?

      Perhaps you have a guideline you could share with us, as to when to acquiesce to police authority, or suggestions, and when, in the absence of a police officer in situ, to base decisions based upon your own knowledge and abilities?

      You could also say that the young man would still be alive if he had not attacked George Zimmerman. We would also have been spared the nonstop coverage of the trial if politicians and race baiters had not overridden the judgement of the responding officers and the first prosecutor, and forced an indictment that wasn't based on evidence, but on emotions and political agendas. That wasn't GZ's fault!

    4. Dear prudence, or Prudence, as the case may be!

    5. You only stated the obvious. It did not seem to require a serious reply.

    6. I gave the obvious answer to a question that was, well, not complex.

  2. No, they would have found a different case. This is politically motivated racial politics. Zimmerman will face federal charges next because Obama's Department of (Social) Justice is a farce.

    1. this is what frightens me the most:

      Z was already cleared of racism by the FBI.

      Apparently, this forbids the feds from coming in (still researching the matter).

      However, given this administrations' abuse of the legal system, I fully expect them to try regardless. Under the rational of "justice".

  3. All the facts suggest Mr Zimmerman was the instigator, although I don't believe he deliberately set out to kill Trayvon. He confronted Trayvon, a fight ensued, he was losing the fight and he shot Trayvon....


    1. all the facts clearly show Z did nothing illegal.

      As for the confrontation, Martin struck first. Then Martin mounted Z and started bashing his head into the concrete. This is called assault.

      And Z defended himself.


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