Wikileaker Hosed

By Proof

Now I confess to not following this trial too closely, because, frankly, every time I saw the name Bradley Manning I had to stop and ask myself if he was the one playing for the Colts or the Giants?

So, yesterday was no small surprise when the radio news was telling us over and over and over that Bradley had been acquitted of the charge that would have brought him a life sentence. Whew. Dodged THAT one! Except, this AM's headlines read that Pfc. Manning could be sentenced to 136 years for the 20 counts he was convicted of.

Well, at least he didn't get life!

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  1. It will work out great for him once they have isolated the gene sequence that causes aging. Then 136 years will be nothing and life will be interminable.

    1. There was an episode of the old Twilight Zone where a guy made a deal with the devil to live forever, but then got sentenced to life in prison. (This was back in the day when people believed that people who were sentenced to 'life in prison' actually stayed there 'til they died.)


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