The Federal Government, Jabba the Hut, Black Holes, and...

By the Left Coast Rebel

So quoth Daniel Henninger a few days ago in the Wall Street Journal:

Spokeshole of our Feral Government

To call the U.S. federal government a black hole is a disservice to black holes, which have a neutral majesty. Excepting the military's fighting units, the federal government has become a giant slug, like Jabba the Hutt, inert but dangerous. Like Jabba, the government increasingly survives by issuing authoritarian decrees from this or that agency. Barack Obama, essentially a publicist for Jabba's world of federal fat, euphemized this mess Monday as the American people's "democracy."
Hat-tip goes to Western Hero.

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  1. This mess has been fed, watered, and groomed for years. Its current condition is a shared responsibity of many administrations. And.. the American people who put them in power.

    As the people sleep...


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