Quote of the Day: Alan Keyes on the Republican/Democrat Duopoly

By the Left Coast Rebel

Taken from I believe Alan Keyes' (yes, that Alan Keyes from way-back-when) blog, and sent to my inbox from a friend whom I have not heard from in a long, long time. 

Enjoy and weep in its prescience(ness):

America's constitutional system was set up precisely in order to provide them with effective means of restoring real representation to their legislatures and other political institutions. But the extra constitutional party duopoly has subverted the constitutional system.  In its stead there emerges a system of elite control that uses specious laws and regulations to hobble the citizens' free associations and organizations, destroy their funding mechanisms, and altogether to suppress their independence. In effect it reestablishes the regime of elite tyranny that dominated human societies until the United States became the first nation truly to implement the sovereignty of the whole people.
The more things change, the more they stay the same (and get a lot worse).

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  1. As we continue to put party ahead of reason, spew partisan hyperbole without real thought being given, and allow the political elite to divide us things will continue to stay the same. Or get worse.

    With loyalty to party trumping truth expect the worst.


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