New York Times Reader Gets Krugman 100% Right

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 By the Left Coast Rebel

A couple of days ago I caught a pathetic Paul Krugman Times article wherein Krugman denounces the surging libertarian populism sweeping across the country as "bunk". Yet, somehow, he never really gets to just what libertarianism populism means (stopping the collusion of big business/big government the Republican party so emphatically supports) or what reform of our government would really mean to normal people like you and me. He just condescends his way through a predictable litany of non sequiturs and ad hominems.... predictable.

So I went to the comments and found that NYT reader Elfego from New York hits the ball out of the park...

I'm so glad Mr. Krugman, like so many Democrats, supporters of Big Government, and other members of the Left, has decided to look to the right, assess the health of the Republican, Conservative, and Libertarian movements, and then provide his prescription for what ails folks of each of those political persuasions. Certainly, what he has suggested - that populism among members of the Right is, as its very essence, "bunk" - is exactly what more conservative-leaning people needed to hear...

Or, not. Like so many other lefties these days, Mr. Krugman is deluded by the idea that the mere fact of Democrat success in politics recently must mean that Democrat *ideas* are right (i.e. correct). Further, he believes - and, in his magnanimity, he has chosen to share this with those who disagree with him - that those on the Right must adopt Democrat and other left-leaning positions, or forever be shut out of electoral politics in America. Like Nancy Pelosi, he just wants to help, right?

What Mr. Krugman fails to realize is that the putting forth of so-called "moderate Republican" candidates is what has led to the bulk of Democrat success in recent years; or, at the very least, in the last two presidential elections. For many Republicans, especially those who are fiscally conservative (but, who may be far more socially liberal than they are often portrayed), a "moderate Republican" is just a Democrat by another name.

And, that's no choice at all.
Well said, sir.

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  1. Why does there have to be any link at all between political success and real life? In Argentina, people like Krugman win elections all the time. The Argentinians? Not so much.


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