Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on Immigration "Reform"

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By the Left Coast Rebel

Bobby Jindal speaks truth to.... truth.

From the National Review today:

I am for immigration solutions now. But that’s not what Washington’s current approach seeks. The problem begins with bad motives. Politically craven electoral concerns and the interests of big businesses and unions should not drive legislation. Washington as usual is focused on what’s good for political parties, instead of focusing on what’s right for America. That’s how you end up with another thousand-page bill full of pork, regulations, and new powers for bureaucrats to manage the economy.

This isn’t a solution any more than the last thousand-plus-page bill that President Obama forced on the nation was. Obamacare is already collapsing under its own weight, with delays and broken promises — yet the Gang of Eight is employing the same approach on immigration.The Gang of Eight bill includes some bacon for Majority Leader Harry Reid in the form of taxpayer-funded travel promotion for Las Vegas and declaring Nevada to be a border state; some sausage for Hollywood in the form of free visa applications for aliens with extraordinary ability in the arts; and some ribs for avowed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont in a $1.5 billion “jobs for youth” scheme, which is another Obama-style stimulus program.
The truth is, many Democrats don’t really care about meaningful reform of our immigration system. They are pushing a pork-laden Big Government power grab and hoping to demonize the Republican party in the process. If it fails, they get to demonize Republicans among Latino voters in the next election; if it passes, they will happily grant amnesty to millions of people without solving the fundamental problems with the current system. They see the Senate bill as a win-win.

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How is it that last year this country ended up with a non-fighting loser milquetoast squish leftist "opposition" presidential candidate instead of a bright, young thinker like this guy?

PS: Marco Rubio - you are a lying crapweasel. I'm going to donate to the noble cause of booting you out of office and ensure that you NEVER touch a presidential campaign going forward.

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  1. Looking at American political finery. Or would that be comedy?

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