(VIDEO) Jon Stewart on the IRS Infringing Upon First Amendment Rights

By the Left Coast Rebel 

I couldn't be any happier seeing Washinton -- and the collectivist-socialist-statist axis of evil Democrat Party -- embroiled in not one but three heavy-hitting scandals that point to not only the corruption of our government but vindication for everything concerned citizens have been warning about for quite some time now.

On queue, Jon Stewart - pretty spectacular stuff coming from a self-described liberal (though he's dead wrong on Benghazi):


  1. Ok, so let's leave Benghazi on the front burner a little longer. :)

  2. A triple play of scandals. And if anyone thinks that there are not others, lots of others, they just might be engaging in wishful thinking. The bigger the government, the more scandals there are.

  3. bit of a straw man on benghazi.

    and i resent being mischaracterized.

  4. Sadly, I cannot see the Jon Stewart video (it's a Canada thing, there's another link somewhere to see Daily Show online because of who owns the broadcast rights here). Wait, did I say sadly? I meant happily. Watching his drivel, funny though it can be is like nails on a chalkboard for me.

    However, I will say this. Just because Stewart is non-plussed by the scandals, don't think he's not going to try to find a way to make the administration look good. He may be disappointed but he is not disaffected.

    1. Correct. Which is the case for every single trollite out there. The worse it gets for their hero, the deeper they begin to dig in and take that oath - I pray to my god to be the one to fall on my sword for my hero and soulmate. Martyrdom is good - it shrinks the "playing" field.


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