Profiles in Courage: The President's Gutsy Call on Benghazi

By Proof

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Remember when everyone in the sycophantic, lapdog press was lauding Obama for his "gutsy call" in dropping two fully crewed helicopters full of SEALs in on bin Laden in his jammies, in the middle of the night, while there was no imminent attack. Not to belittle America's finest, but their Commander-in-Chief, from many reports, only reluctantly signed off on a well planned and rehearsed mission.

In the fog of war, when the reports of a terrorist attack were laid in his lap, Obama punted his duty to protecting Americans and the service's tradition of "no man left behind", to put on his own jammies and catch some Z's before an arduous day of fund raising in Las Vegas. By some accounts, he repeatedly obstructed rescue attempts, in order to preserve his own political viability and re-election.

There are three scandals in Benghazi. One, why was security neglected and warnings not heeded before September 11, 2012? Where was the President when he heard of the attack and what did he do? What did he order to be done? And if it wasn't done, what is the reason why?

And lastly, the cover up, with the President, his press secretary, the UN ambassador and Secretary of State all lying to the American people and the world about a video they knew was not the cause.

Editor's note: There may be some measure of sarcasm in the headline.

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  1. With respect to editors note. Who would have guessed?

    1. I also do 'Closed Captioning for the Thinking Impaired' when I have a high ratio of liberals in the audience.


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