Obama’s Top Ten Excuses for #Benghazi

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Obama’s Top Ten Excuses for #Benghazi

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10. I thought I was being punked by Ashton Kucher!

9. They wouldn’t dare! Don’t they know I got bin Laden??

8. Couldn’t find a photographer to take my picture in the situation room with a serious look on my face

7. Still half blind from playing strip poker with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid

6. Hillary touched it last!

5. Up all night polishing my Nobel Peace Prize

4. Did I mention I got bin Laden??

3. Hillary double-dog dared me.

2. Of course it wasn’t a video! All the cool stuff is on Blu-Ray!

And, the number one Top Ten Obama Excuse for #Benghazi?

1. Vegas, Baby!

For those of you who think what happened at Benghazi is nothing to joke about, note that this is my way of mocking them* . They have no excuse. It was a political calculation based on what Zero and his friends had bragged about at the Democrat convention. A terrorist attack, on an American embassy or mission, on September 11th didn’t fit with Zero’s re-election narrative. So, he and his associates callously left dozens of people to die. The fact that only four perished was not due in any part to any leadership or action from this administration.

* See also: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Benghazi?

For more serious analysis of the three (3) Benghazi crises, see Benghazi: Obama's Chappaquiddick?

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  1. Hm, okay, got it. The narrative certainly until 2014 and likely all the way to 2016.

    Politics... No integrity... No truth.

    But we do have a plan. Can't wait to see how it works out. My guess is... The more things change the more they stay the same.

    Yet the beat goes on...


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