Obama: From Hero to Zero

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Too bad we couldn't get this gal to protest!
San Francisco -In a powerful display of profound disappointment with President Obama, some of the Democratic Party's biggest donors gathered Tuesday - not inside his tony San Francisco fundraiser at the W Hotel, but outside on the sidewalks carrying signs in protest of his policies.

"I don't even know what he stands for," said Susie Tompkins Buell, a co-founder of the Esprit clothing company and one of the most generous Democratic Party donors in the nation - instrumental in backing such powerhouse progressive organizations as the Democracy Alliance and Media Matters.

Looks like the bloom is off the hibiscus! From another account...

Obama told Democratic donors at a cocktail reception at the Sea Cliff home of billionaire Tom Steyer that he wants House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco -- who was in attendance along with other Bay Area congressional Democrats -- to be House speaker again.
Man! It's rough being part of the 1%!
Tickets for the event at the home of Steyer and his wife, Kat Taylor, cost between $5,000 and $32,400. After that event, Obama attended a fund-raising dinner at the Pacific Heights home of billionaire heirs and philanthropists Ann and Gordon Getty.
Good thing Obama had that speech to make in Colorado so that he could write off the travel to visit his billionaire friends! /sarc
...On Thursday, the president will attend two more fundraisers in Atherton to benefit the Democratic National Committee. Liz Simons and Medley Partners Managing Director Mark Heising will host a brunch at their Atherton home, at $32,400-a-ticket, followed by a luncheon at the Atherton home of former insurance mogul and Levi-Strauss heir John Goldman and his wife, Marcia, where tickets cost $1,000 to $20,000. Obama was set to depart from SFO Thursday afternoon.

Let me see...two days fundraising, one short speech...yeah! No need for the Democrat Party to pay for this! I mean, it's not like little kids were being denied White House tours for lack of funding or anything!

But, those wacky Democrat protesters didn't fail to amuse as well...
One protester was dressed in a polar bear outfit. Police hauled away a drone replica. Others chanted, "Hey, Obama, we don't want no pipeline drama."
President One Per Cent was not available for comment.

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