More "Hollow Points" from President Obama on Gun Control

By Proof

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"We can pass common-sense laws that protect our kids and protect our rights."
-Barack Obama Really? Why don't you start in Chicago? Democrats control Chicago, Mr. President. Please tell us what "common-sense laws" you can pass in Chicago that will protect our kids there? And if you could, why haven't you passed them before now? Do you know how many children have died in Chicago since Sandy Hook, Mr. President? Why are you not standing out on the street corners of Chicago with the parents of slain children there, Mr. President? There are so many more of them than you'll ever find at Sandy Hook!

You know, one of the problems I had with Obamacare, early on, was the lack of ability by the government to demonstrate they could responsibly handle the enormous burden of healthcare for the entire country. They were responsible for the VA Administration, for Medicaid and Medicare, all of which were riddled with fraud and horror stories of malpractice. Why couldn't the government be required to make any one of those, if not all, a jewel of patient care and fiscal responsibility before taking on additional responsibility?

Why should we ask less of laws that infringe upon the Second Amendment? Why can't the liberals in Washington D.C. implement any or all of these laws in liberally run Chicago and demonstrate that they truly work, before inflicting them upon the entire nation?

Did you also take note of how much of Obama's speech was designed to inflame the emotions rather than to appeal to reason? He adopted the style of the pulpiteer who repeats a phrase over and over to make a point. Consider the following:
And now is the time for Congress to do the same. (Applause.) Now is the time for Congress to do the same. This week is the time for Congress to do the same. (Applause.)
"We have to tell Congress it’s time to...We have to tell Congress it’s time to...We have to tell Congress it’s time to..."
This is not about politics... This is not about politics. This is not about politics.
And then, compare that to the style of the preacher in whose church he sat for twenty years, in a nearly identical style of repetition, as he calls for God to "damn America" three times in a row:

Maybe the Demagogue-in-Chief heard a lot more than he's letting on?

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  1. D*head-in-chief is a real hollow point. He needs to put on the full metal jacket and be thrown into the looney bin!

    1. I think the sort of round that describes Obama would more accurately be a "dud".

  2. If movement on this issue is any indication one would have to say Obama is far from a "dud", IMNHO.

    1. He's a dud as a president and upholder of the Constitution, IMHO. As a "community organizer" he's first rate!


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