Did Obama Sexually Harass Kamala Harris?

By Proof

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"Kamala! I just met a girl named Kamala!"
I'm sure it would fit the definition of some*. It was certainly inappropriate. Kamala Harris was there because of her legal and political acumen in attaining statewide office in one off the nation's most populous states. But, other than its general gaucheness, is the remark out of character for this president?

I'd contend that this remark is not surprising at all. It is merely the latest in a long series of shallow and superficial remarks from a shallow and superficial individual. Think back to the campaign of 2008. Obama made a remark about his "typical white grandmother". I have to ask, what to you would constitute a "typical white person"? Like Bill Ayers, who regretted not setting off more bombs as a Weatherman? Or Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI? Do these guys have anything in common other than their skin color?

What is "typical" about a typical white person, or typical black or Hispanic person, or typical Catholic or Presbyterian? Is a "typical" Asian a "poor driver" or victim of an unfortunate stereotype? Is a "typical" black "lazy and shiftless" or victim of stereotype? Was Obama's white grandmother a "typical white person", or victim of racial stereotyping by a politician playing the race card?

Or when Obama interjected himself into a local police matter in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Obama admitted that he did not have details of the arrest of his friend, didn't have the facts surrounding the arrest, yet he was able to conclude and announce to the nation that the police "acted stupidly" in arresting a black man. He didn't have the facts. He didn't know the reason. But, he knew his friend's skin color, and made his judgement accordingly.

Fast forward to the George Zimmerman/Trevon Martin case. Was his judgement there based on the arrest records of either individual? The testimony of eyewitnesses? Forensic evidence? Or the fact that, if he had a son, he'd "look like Trevon"?

And now, at a fundraiser in California, his remarks about the state's Attorney General, who probably has more real accomplishments under her belt that the current resident of the White House, is singled out, not for her achievements but for her looks by President 1%.
She also happens to be by far the best-looking attorney general in the country...

Typical liberal.

*And, ironically, in most cases it would not have to do with what he actually said, so much as the way she interpreted it. From a good looking, well to do co-worker, it could be a welcome flirtation. From the CEO, it might be colored** with an implication of his position of power over her. From a pimply faced stock boy, it might prompt a call to Human Resources.

**Pun intended

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  1. Much ado about nothing really. Yes, for a CEO to make such a remark in public is ill advised. The attempt to make political hay as a result of the President making the remark is, IMNHO trite. Let his own party deal with it.

    For a different perspective... http://rationalnationusa.blogspot.com /

    1. 'Tis a tempest in a teapot...the kind of tempest the Left likes to whip up, usually just not on themselves. As I said, it was a superficial remark made by a superficial individual. If the Democrats are waiting for their "great orator" to become a great statesman, they have a long wait coming!

  2. He just love her gun confiscation APPS program. http://blog.doodooecon.com/2013/01/gun-control-california-doj-confiscating.html

    1. Yeah. Living in California ain't for sissies!


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