15-year-old Makes Her Mark at Anti-Gun Maryland Hearing

By the Left Coast Rebel

This video makes me proud:

This young lady knows her rights and is confident in her 2nd Amendment beliefs. Way to stand up for the Constitution, young lady!

Credit: Judge Andrew Napolitano's Facebook page.


  1. I guess the question is, Who would you rather see coming at you down a dark alley? This 15 y.o. with a rifle, or some thug with a lowly brick?

  2. Yep, the debate continues.

    Somebody ought to do the young lady a favor and teach her to slow down as she speaks. But I guess she is like most young people today, even some adults who should know better.

    1. Perhaps but she should get kudos for expressing her opinion, especially one (anti-gun control) that goes against the crowd at the moment. She has skin in the game and is standing up for her rights and against the collectivist anti-gun crowd's kneejerk impulse to throw everyone into the same category... good for her!


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