Should Average Americans Pay Higher Death Tax than Billionaire "Man of the People", Hugo Chavez?

By Proof

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Despite the weeping and wailing of the Hollywood Left, the world has at least the potential to become a better place with the passing of the dictator Hugo Chavez. Given the fact that even a toilet seat in Venezuela was considered a "luxury item" for taxation purposes by the government, and that the estate of the recently departed 'Man of the People' Hugo Chavez has been estimated at around $2 Billion (with a "B"), perhaps now is the time to get American liberals on board with some tax reform of our own? Inheritance tax in Venezuela is around 25%. If you died tomorrow, the government's take from you would be about twice that, as a percentage. Ask your liberal friends if they believe that your passing should be taxed at twice the rate as a billionaire dictator? (Well, to be fair, you probably do have quite a number of those luxury toilet seats, now, don't you?)

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  1. Death tax, inheritance tax, estate tax - whatever you want to call it - is a travesty. Why should assets that were purchased with income that has already been taxed be taxed again simply because it is being transferred to a living relative?

    Double jeopardy doesn't seem to apply to income. Some things in America are stunningly out of whack with common sense. Of course that's not news. But an inheritance tax is a tax grab pure and simple. It is unethical, plain and simple.


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