Gabby Gifford's Hubby Denied Delivery of AR-15

By Proof

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Tucson gun store owner cancels Mark Kelly's AR-15 purchase

The owner of a Tucson gun store where Mark Kelly recently purchased an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle canceled the transaction because Kelly did not plan to keep the rifle for his personal use. Doug MacKinlay, owner of Diamondback Police Supply at 170 S. Kolb Road, posted on the store’s Facebook page Monday that he canceled the transaction March 21. A full refund was sent to Kelly via express mail, MacKinlay said. “I determined that it was in my company’s best interest to terminate this transaction prior to his returning to my store to complete the Federal Form 4473 and NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) required of Mr. Kelly before he could take possession of this firearm"... Kelly has said he purchased the AR-15 to show how easy it is to buy an assault weapon. He said he planned to turn it in to the Tucson Police Department.
So, Gabby Gifford's husband can't take possession of an AR-15 "assault" rifle, because the seller determined that the firearm was not for the personal use of the purchaser. In other words, current law is working.

A couple of questions I had concerned the federal forms involved. Would Mark Kelly have to perjure himself in order to take possession of a gun he had no intention of keeping? And perhaps more importantly, was his newly minted gun control advocacy group, Americans for Responsible Solutions going to reimburse him for the purchase? If ARS were to reimburse him for the purchase, Mark Kelly would have become the classic straw man purchaser of firearms, buying a gun on behalf of another, when you have no intention of keeping the gun yourself?

Did this gun store owner, perhaps, save Mark Kelly from himself?

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  1. Wait for the mainstream media to be all over this high profile story of the system working well, just as they would have been if Kelley had received the gun and the system had failed.

    In 3...2...1...

    1. The MSM (and the Justice dept) wouldn't want to be seen as picking on poor Gabby and her family. Or picking on an anti gun advocate. "Nothing to see here! Move along!"

    2. Especially since the story doesn't fit their agenda. If the situation were reversed, they'd have no problem throwing the entire family under the bus and running them over a few times.

    3. In a related story, based on his inability to secure even one firearm successfully, Eric Holder has named Mark Kelly to head up Fast and Furious II - this time, it's personal!


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