(VIDEO) Doug Casey on America Defaulting on its Debt and Living Abroad

By the Left Coast Rebel

As the political chattering class -- both left and right -- are attempting to predict Obama's first second term State of the Union address (which is predictably going to feature Obama's signature peevishly-delivered grievance grab bag of collectivist bromides and incredibly unworkable useless, tired left-wing nonsense), I'm watching Reason.tv's interview with Doug Casey covering a broad array of topics, most notable to me the dream goal of living abroad:

The International Man sounds like an interesting read, doncha think?

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  1. For the last two years my deepest fear has been that Obama will orchestrate a general default in which investors will lose their money. (I don't have any.) A default that will be applauded by the 51% who voted for him and who cannot understand the terrible damage that would do to us.
    Obama hates other people's money and has made every effort to remove as much as possible in taxes, and where he can't he will punish those who make it.
    Want a change in the Tax Code? Force reform, on the Hill first. But close the loopholes. Then force reform of Social Security and Medicare fraud.
    Mr. Casey has found a home away from home. Good for him. Others have decided to give up their Citizenship. Too permanent.


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