Rand Paul for President

By the Left Coast Rebel

Watch this video and see if you agree with me.

I will post Rand Paul's Tea Party response to the 2013 State of the Union Address once it hits the intertubes.

hat-tip Frankenstein Government.


Full text of Rand Paul's Tea Party SOTU speech last night here.


  1. LCR,

    It may be kinda premature, true, but what are your initial thoughts on Dr. Benjamin Carson?

    Is he legit, or is he just a guy who has some clever one-liners and enjoys the spotlight the non-libs/statists are putting on him right now?

    Any thoughts or observations you'd like to share?

  2. Not sure, like you I like the statement(s) that got him the spotlight but beyond that I know nothing about him. How about you?

    1. Mmmm...I'm up in the air right now. Sure, he slammed ObamaCare and political correctness right in front of Obama (thumbs up!) but I know little about him. I might just file him away as a guy with common sense who sees The Big Picture like I do, and leave it at that.

      I will be watching to see what letter he will have behind his name should he enter the political arena as a potential game-changer. Will he be a big R Republican, toeing the GOP line, or will he lean Libertarian, or will he be a small r republican with Conservative flavor?

      Sorry, I added nothing to this conversation save for my own open-air ponderings. ;)

      I hope he is legit. I hope he has substance beyond what we have seen. Time will tell, of course. I have come to learn he is retiring from medicine in June or July of this year, so....who knows?

  3. Just an opinion, from a liberal at that...he does not measure up to his father.

    1. Agreed but he's still the brightest star in the 2016 field.

  4. Rubio, Paul, Ryan... I'd be stoked to pull the lever for any of them. The next GOP presidential nominee will be the first modern non-establishment nominee.

  5. If the GOP picks another "Republican" next time out they will lose again. Rand Paul is their last chance. (Assuming they have any chances left.)


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