Karl Rove's Attempt to Co-opt the "Conservative" Movement

Screw you, true conservatives
By the Left Coast Rebel

If you're savvy enough to be reading this blog you undoubtedly know that the conservative movement is one fly-ridden stinkin' hot mess.

Cognitive dissonance, "winning at all costs" and a movement tethered at the hip to an outdated party with no interest in furthering limited-government pro-individual freedom Jeffersonian ideals has conservatism circling the political sewer drain.

On this point, the "architect" of "big-government conservatism" (no less an oxymoron than "limited-government socialist"), Karl Rove, has a new PAC called the Conservative Victory Project whose aim is to reclaim the conservative movement and Republican party in a statist/squish/progressive-lite sorta way and obliterate the once-nascent libertarian-ish Tea Party movement that handed the GOP its massive 2010 congressional landslide...

Knowing what Karl Rove's power role in the second GW Bush term gave America (read: socialism with a big fat 'R' label), Rove's new move comes as no surprise. The conservative outrage to it is a bit surprising though. Where were you guys and gals the last 8 + years as the GOP created the perfect storm to give this nation Obama?

Why do you watch and listen to useful idiot kneepad-donning entertainers like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh that lap up what charlatan progressives like Rove have to say? Need I remind you that neo-conservative Republicans are now Obama's unconstitutional drone war's best friends?

I guess "getting it" now is better than never; but it might just be too late.

There's a piece at Freedom Works that dovetails nicely into just what we are looking at; I don't agree with everything the author is saying but he does make some brilliant points.

Here's a few:
The vast majority of those in the Republican establishment, like Mr. Boehner, are conservative or libertarian by ideology. None of them is a screaming Marxist. The question is whether they vote their ideology and construct bills around that ideology, or whether they maneuver and connive to give the appearance of favoring their ideology while their true intent is acquiring and retaining political power for themselves. (...)
The distinguishing question between establishment and idealists is whether someone thinks it's more important to get elected or to represent his ideals. Almost everyone has a set of policy positions they would not change or back away from to get elected. People with a larger number of strongly held such positions are idealists, and people with a smaller number of more weakly held beliefs are establishmentarians.

The battle is not between "RINOs" and "conservatives". The battle is over the question of retaining power versus clinging to ideals at all costs. If you argue that you must avoid the conflict to live to fight another day, you are arguing that your own power and position are more valuable than using them to defend what you believe.
That's all for now from me - what do you think?


  1. The unfortunate reality is this, the world is changing and the USA is changing right along with it. There is no real conservatism today, just as there are no real Classical Liberals anymore. Their time came and left, quite some time ago.

    My son, a adjunct professor at two local colleges once said this to me; Dad, the USA like all great powers reached it's zenith and has been declining for some time as all great powers have. Then he asked, Do you think our country will be any different and defy historical precedents?

    He knew my answer before I gave it because he smiled immediately after the question... The average life of great powers have been approximately 200 years give or take.

    There is nothing new to history. Those who fail to understand history are destined to repeat it. The world is turning and the pendulum is swinging, as they always have.

    Tic Toc, Tic Toc, Tic Toc... The clock is indeed ticking.

    1. Hi Les, the cynical side of me has to agree with you... the hopeful side hopes it's not true. Where do we go if decline truly is inevitable?

      "Those who fail to understand history are destined to repeat it."

      By that metric, we are surely going to fail/are failing. The vast majority of Americans have no clue the misery our govt is laying the groundwork for as we speak. Tic toc indeed.

    2. Guys,

      Is it too much to consider that we are in a downward spiral, being brought about even faster by the machinations of lesser men such as Rove, who have an agenda of being politically powerful but totally lacking in any real love for freedom, liberty, the Constitution, and America.

      I have long believed days like this would come. And it seems they are here. There are no longer Conservative champions in DC. And I believe this is for a reason. Let DC drown in its own filth. The real America is out here in the really real world far removed form the marshmallow land of privilege, lies, manipulations, and deceit of politics as usual.

      Just saying.

  2. The GOP is dead and conservatism is dying thanks to the likes of Karl Rove trying to define it.

  3. In 2009 I just started out hating the new White House Marxist. I had been going to school for twelve years after I retired which meant my head was totally elsewhere. It morphed into an intense hatred, but also into the biggest fear of my life. My deepest hope is that America, being founded on a different set of principles, might give us a reprieve from the expected 200-year disaster.
    If Karl Rove disappeared tonight, the entire point would be moot.
    The current GOP confusion plus Democratic agenda are looking to end in total chaos, which hasn't happened before either. It seems we always do things a little differently. Everything is just a little "over the top." Call us unique, if you will. And dense.

  4. Chris Muir at Day By Day nailed it. Enjoy.


  5. People ought to study Karl Marx rather than just listen to what somebody told them, it's the thing legends are made of.

    Marx was an economist first and foremost, in the vein of Adam Smith. Had Marx been alive as Henry Ford achieved his lofty position in business through improved efficiencies, the result of mass production and the resultant improved efficiencies (thus lowering the cost of cars so his own employees could afford to purchase one) Marx would have approved.

  6. The very idea of liberty is but a quaint notion in the current situation. Even at the local level, down to the Home Owners Associations in many cases, American people are all about minding everyone else's business. "Freedom for me, but not for thee" is the prevailing attitude as far as I can tell.

    It crosses almost every political ideology nowadays.


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