First Three Comments at an LA Times Article About Drones Say it All

By the Left Coast Rebel
First, the spooky details via the Los Angeles Times:
WASHINGTON — While a national debate has erupted over the Obama administration's lethal drone strikes overseas, federal authorities have stepped up efforts to license surveillance drones for law enforcement and other uses in U.S. airspace, spurring growing concern about violations of privacy.
The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday it had issued 1,428 permits to domestic drone operators since 2007, far more than were previously known. Some 327 permits are still listed as active.

Operators include police, universities, state transportation departments and at least seven federal agencies. The remotely controlled aircraft vary widely, from devices as small as model airplanes to large unarmed Predators.

The FAA, which has a September 2015 deadline from Congress to open the nation's airspace to drone traffic, has estimated 10,000 drones could be aloft five years later. The FAA this week solicited proposals to create six sites across the country to test drones, a crucial step before widespread government and commercial use is approved.
To the comments. These aren't actually the first three comments at the article; rather they are the three most recent when I logged in and viewed the piece at 8:07 PM PST...
saintpeterclan at 7:55 PM February 16, 2013 The silence of the left is deafening...hypocrites all.
Gunny G at 7:51 PM February 16, 2013 Man, if this was done under Bush 43, the Libtards would be screaming bloody murder but since it is being done under their pissy little President Vacation, they're silent as church mice.
Donald Butler at 7:50 PM February 16, 2013 Will it be legal to zap a senior citizen at a Tea Party meeting? Only Obama knows.


  1. Well it isn't like they kill American citizens with the things...oh wait.

    But that guy was a terrorist who recruited the Fort Hood, "work place violence" incident... so he deserved it.

    Oh, and the separate drone strike that killed his son, because he was his son... that is the example followed by Christopher Dorner going after cops families.

  2. Well given the Patriot Act and TSA this could be considered just a natural progression. Indeed it seems many similarities exist with the major parties.

    Power corrupts... Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We may yet see that day

  3. When the prez did his foreign drone killer drops, people were a little lukewarm. Then came the idea that he could eliminate American citizens on foreign soil if they were deemed terrorists. It was ok. My idea was no, it was not ok. Everyone gets a trial except delusional Americans? Since when? Muslim terrorists in Gitmo or Fort Hood have more rights than mentally deranged Americans!
    My biggest fear was that if he did it to one of ours on foreign soil, he would find some excuse to use drones here. Well, he did.

  4. In what retarded fantasy world are members of al Qaueda working in foreign countries entitled to anything resembling due process? Warfare isn't conducted in court.

  5. pretty sure that they are already being used in Baltimore. Every i lived there the sound of multiple rotor-craft overhead was present. In many cases the pitch of the rotor was much too high to be a manned vehicle.

    start learning to spoof, i guess.

  6. How long until they make it illegal for civilians to own any sort of remote-controlled vehicle? Can't have the plebes armed as well as they are, after all...


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