Childish, Willfully Ignorant and Self-Centered: The Peculiar American Left

By the Left Coast Rebel

Interesting thoughts from an immigrant, in American Thinker today:

As an immigrant to the United States, and thus a sideline spectator of the panorama that is American society, as well as someone who has spent most of his adult life in the field of international finance dealing with a myriad of countries and nationalities, I have been fascinated by the characteristics of the American left as compared to their counterparts in the rest of the world.
Winston Churchill touched on this subject matter when he said: "If you are not a socialist at 20, you have no heart.  And if you are not a capitalist at 40, you have no brains."   Fortunately, he did not live to see the vast bulk of the so-called progressives, of any age, in America of 2013, who are still in their adolescence.

Among the traits expected of those in their adolescent years is the conviction that they are always right and the rest of the world is wrong -- that they are, in fact, much smarter than those silly and inane adults around them.  However, being part of the in-crowd is really, really important thus they must look for guidance to the cool guys to establish what they are supposed to believe in.  And, as in the fairy tales relayed to them while in childhood, there will always be some monolithic entity that will be there to rescue them and insure joy and happiness.  Therein are the basic personality parameters of the entity known as the modern American left.


  1. Speaking as an elderly progressive, I understand your points. However, the 'left', like the 'right', is made up of a range of types. The progessive demographics contain a
    very high number of scientists and Jews, along
    with minorities and young people. The 'right'
    has its own range..neocon, social con, fiscal
    con, gun rights, it is hard to simply
    define such large groupings, given their inherent diversity.

    1. Agreed, speaking from experience I know that this author is correct on the demographic of which he speaks. On the other hand, my 78-year-old Jewish neighbor and DUI defense attorney friend don't fit the descriptions presented, although they vote Democratic party line and consider themselves highly liberal. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I was born in 1940 in Germany and came to Montreal in '51. Firstly, you know how old I am, but secondly, you will understand my paranoia about this entire debacle in the States. I am going crazy. And yet: All my piano teachers have been Jewish and vote Democrat, my early History Prof at CSU was Jewish and voted Democrat. My 19th Century History Prof was dyed in the wool Christian and voted Republican. Insight?
    Those of us who come from a different environment, who are Naturalized Americans, know what is in store for the States and spend some serious sleepless nights. Until the people we elect actually know what is in our Constitution and then fulfill its requirements, our new found home is doomed.
    This sounds so Doomsday, but there you have it.

  3. Sorry, sorry,...totally off-topic here: LCR, did you get the email I sent you regarding Missouri Democrats and their legislation to confiscate guns?

  4. Among the traits expected of those in their adolescent years is the conviction that they are always right and the rest of the world is wrong

    Sounds like a self centered Randoid snot to me.

    1. Yah, I've run into thousands of those here in SoCal, they drive Priuses, have "Coexist" bumper stickers yet are the rudest drivers on the road, are the humblest bunch you could possible come across on local college campuses.

      Hmm, no wait...


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