A Parable for Discouraged Conservatives

Posted by Jason RightKlik

I'm reminded of a very successful young businessman, and he loved to buy his mother these exotic gifts for mother's day. He ran out of ideas, and then he ran across these birds. 

These birds were cool, you know? They cost $5,000 apiece. They could dance, they could sing, they could talk. He was so excited, he bought two of of them. Sent them to his mother, couldn't wait to call her up on mother's day, "Mother, Mother, What did you think of those birds?"

And she said, "They was good." [laughter] 

He said, "No, no, no! Mother, you didn't eat those birds! Those birds cost $5,000 apiece! They could dance, they could sing, they could talk!" 

And she said, "Well, they should have said something." [laughter] 

And, you know, that's where we end up, too, if we don't speak up for what we believe.

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  1. Dr. Benjamin Carson and his presentation I devoted a post to over at my site. His integrity and character, speaking has he did in the presence of President Obama speaks volumes... about him.

    Unfortunately the majority of conservatives today, neocon, socon, and like Karl Rove the just cons represent nothing I personally, and I suspect many other "real conservatives" (or put another way Classical Liberals) can take pride in supporting.

    The conservative movement represented by today's rEpublican party is in fact irrelevant. The voices in the conservative movement that are worth listening to are ignored or drowned out by the like of Karl Rove, Rush Limbaugh, and others.


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