It's Rather Odd

By Grant Davies

I just posted a picture on my blog, WhatWeThinkandWhy, that showed a graph demonstrating the growth of pages in the IRS code since the whole thing began back in 1913. I also touted the site International Liberty where Dan Mitchell, an economist from the Cato Institute, blogs. He makes a point about what the "Taxpayer Advocates" from the IRS are actually advocating lately.

I made the point that while his post was excellent, the picture was posted on my site primarily to make a point about big government and more regulations equaling less freedom.

Then an odd thing happened, I was checking through the stats on my "StatCounter" account to see how many people were looking at the post when I came across these two back to back entries indicating that my site had been visited by the Justice Dept. and the IRS within minutes of the post being published.

I don't think it means anything. It just seemed odd. I mean, I'm spying on them while they are spying on me. And they wouldn't do anything to me would they? I'm just a tiny blogger.

Hey wait a minute...who are those guys in suits running up my driveway right now?

Hey, you guys! I know my rights. You can't do this........................................

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