Jack Lew is almost perfect for Treasury Secretary

By Dean L

President Obama has nominated Jack Lew as the replacement for Tim Geithner as the Secretary of the Treasury.  Jack Lew, an Obama appointee is bound to be a disappointment but for this administration, at this time, he's almost perfect for the job simply because of his grade-school signature that everyone is mocking.

The reason is simple.  As secretary, his name will go on the currency and as you can see in the photo, his name contains almost enough zeroes to represent the annual budget deficit. I count 9 zeroes.  Put a 1 in front of it and that's a billion.  Only three more zeroes and his name would look like the tail end of a trillion.

Almost perfect for the Obama deficits, but as in all things Obama, just a bit short of reality.

If it weren't so sad, it'd be funny.


  1. How does anyone get Jack Lew out of that signature?

  2. Does he pay his taxes, or does he fit right into the WH crowd? Could make or break him.

  3. Anything goes in the age of trillion-dollar coins...

    1. Kindergarten signatures and kindergarten ideas. Why not a 'bazillion' dollar coin and then everyone could get all the free handouts they ever wanted from the government? Free yachts for everyone!

      The whole unicorns and rainbows government is an extension of childhood fantasy, In that world it is only logical to have a trillion dollar coin and a Treasury Secretary with a literally scribbled signature. We can always take up cursive education next year, after Jack Lew's replacement signs his signature with an 'X'.


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