"World's Tallest Thermometer" the Latest Victim of California Economy

By the Left Coast Rebel

Apparently nothing can escape the train-wreck combo of Obamanomics/one party socialist rule here in California.

The latest victim?

The so-called "world's tallest thermometer" in Baker, California. For those of you saying, "Baker, where the heck is that," I'll answer your query: Baker is a small podunk town along Interstate 15 somewhere between here and Las Vegas whose claim to fame is a giant, towering electric thermometer that usually reads somewhere in-between 110-125 degrees Farenheit (at least in the summer; it's hot as hell out in them parts).

Reading this brings back some traveling memories and is another sad reminder of how far my Once Golden State has fallen...

BAKER, Calif. -- The world’s tallest thermometer is busted.

The 134-foot tall icon in the small desert town of Baker, Calif., just off of Interstate 15, quit working about three years ago. The degrees are off, with random numbers reflected against the sun. The gift shop is empty, scarred with graffiti.

The culprit? Blame it on the recession.

The thermometer’s owner claims he can’t afford its electricity bill—about $8,000 a month. But some community leaders are tired of hearing excuses. They say the broken thermometer is an eyesore and they want it taken down. There also are plans to remove the words “World’s Tallest Thermometer” from the Baker water tower.

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  1. Perhaps the fever of the sickness of California caused it to short circuited.


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