Fiscal Cliff: Republicans Will Get What They Want

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail. And when you're in Washington, every "crisis" is looks like a great opportunity to expand government.

Repubs are no exception to this rule. A dwindling few of them want to rein in government, but in general, Republicans go to Washington and become intoxicated with the head trip that comes from doing Big Important Expensive Things.

So a bit like Brer Rabbit (to mix metaphors), congressional Republicans will throw fits about raising taxes. But in the end, they'll get the big government and big taxes they love so much.


  1. The "fiscal cliff", no matter ones view is very real.

    Continue to spend more than taken in, continue to allow the interest on debt to grow with no end in sight, and eventually you go over the cliff.

    Solution? A) Reduce spending, B) Raise revenue (taxes), or C) Some combination of the two.

    It is time Congress takes action. To do nothing is a decision. It usually is the wrong one.

    Tic Toc, Tic Toc, Tic Toc...

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  3. I think the GOP holds firm this time and let's all the Bush Tax Cuts expire.

    And then everyone who voted for Obama will get what he wanted: 'Higher Taxes'. Except on everyone this time.

    The way to make more conservatives? Let taxes go up on them big-time...they will become raving conservatives the next day at sun up.

    1. "It is time Congress takes action. To do nothing is a decision. It usually is the wrong one."

      I guess only a business minded individual really understands the above.

      Politicians and bureaucrats are too involved in their own sense of self importance to "get it."

      My apology if I have offended anyone. But it is what it is Right?

    2. "Tic Toc, Tic Toc, Tic Toc..."

      Yeah, there's a real crisis looming, but what happens on Jan 1 is the prelude. The dramatic language makes for good headlines, but it fans the flames of emotion when we should be making these tough decisions on a rational basis. Banging on the panic button gives statists a convenient excuse to go into "don't waste a good crisis" mode.

      On November 6, America gave its seal of approval for Obama's anti-free market, anti-job creator, pro-socialist punitive taxation agenda. What can congress do to mitigate the situation? I see precious little.

    3. Hyperbole. Congress is the ruling body. Time they step up. The situation is serious, whether you think so are not.

      A rational people solve problems. A irrational people create them. Be part of the solution, help solve the problem. Head games are fun perhaps. The create rather than solve problems.

    4. I'm not sure how you've come under the impression that anyone thinks this isn't serious. My assertion is that we're letting the pro-Obama media set the tone of the discussion by parroting their "fiscal cliff" memes. This is exactly the frame of mind we were in during the infamous bailouts and stimulus packages of 2008/2009 -- and during the last credit limit debate...


      Yes, we have to do something. This is the 11th hour. But let's not fan the flames. Nothing makes Americans more desperate for big government than a good old-fashioned pants-wetting crisis.

      As you well know, herein lies the rub: Congress can put forth a perfectly rational and sensible plan to avert the draconian tax increases, but they can't force Obama to sign on. And Obama's popular crony socialist agenda leaves little room for anything that we would identify as an acceptable solution to the problems at hand.

      So taxes will go up in 2013. Either to the pre-Bush scheme, or perhaps to something worse.

      "Be part of the solution, help solve the problem."

      To solve the problem, one must identify the problem.

      Here's the core of the problem: The voters who put Obama and his Republican opponents back in power this year are quite amenable to Obama's desire for higher taxes on the business and upper middle class individuals who drive the economy and create jobs.

      The voters apparently are crazy and shortsighted, but this IS what they want. The results of the election and subsequent polling make this abundantly clear. And they don't want to reform Social Security, and they don't want to reform Medicare. They DO want big government.

      Obama and the Republicans will give the voters what they want, come hell or high water.

      If you have thought of a persuasive, politically viable solution to this problem, now is the time to tell the world all about it.


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