Cheaters Never Win

by The republican Mother

Well, it looks like we're stuck in the same  place, only this time the Elites through their CIA-reared buddy boy Obama are hitting pedal to the medal with a carbon tax. But instead of pondering all that this illegitimate, corrupt executive could do to us, let's stop and think about how a guy like this could win reelection.


  • As much as conservatives like to tout that they love America more than liberals do and are smarter than liberals, I really don't see it as much as they want to believe it. They tend to cocoon themselves in their FoxNews/talk radio info bubbles and start believing the propaganda that's been tailor made just for them. I've written here how I came to get out of that bubble and began doing my own research. The reality that Rush and others were presenting did to match up with what I was witnessing.
  • The big picture is not seen or acknowledged by conservatives. While liberals don't think five minutes into the future, an average Republican truly doesn't understand what drives politics and power in this nation. Because of this faulty understanding, they are unable to comprehend to what degree politicians are on the take and the massive collusion going on unreported by mainstream news.
  • Expanding on the big picture, while the Federal Reserve is now at least spoken about, conservatives tend to treat it as they do the host of other wedge issues the Establishment has us argue about in a compartmentalized way. However, EVERYTHING we dislike about the federal government is made possible by the Fed. Truly, most conservatives just gloss over it because they don't understand the significance. Hence, the popularity of Herman Cain, former Fed employee and also a clueless conservative.
  • The one faction of the Republican Party that was totally conversant in all things Fed, could rattle off in detail the last 100 years of American history with respect to cartel capitalism and fiat money was the Ron Paul faction. Because they declined to go along with the "blood and swash" attitude regarding foreign policy (which was due to their knowledge of war profiteering working hand in glove with the banksters and beginning at about the same time as the Fed) they met with great resistance by the standard Republican Party operatives. Side-note: the defense sector brings home the bacon through endless war, which has brought down civilizations throughout history. But don't tell a neocon that, we must nuke Iran!


  • Romney was the last choice of the Republican base and everyone knows it. At the beginning of the primary season, the conservative battle cry was "anyone but Romney". But when the fix was obviously in, all your conventional Tea Party types lined up like good little soldiers and began supporting Romney. Despite the fact that Romney ran the pilot program for Obamacare in Massachusetts, which featured $50 abortions andsigned off on official LGBT dayz at public schools.
  • Feeling that they, the Ron Paul supporters, were the true champions of the Constitution, they proceeded to attempt to take the Republican Party back to the days of yore, when being a Republican meant no foreign entanglements and the most limited government possible. But the Republican Party no likey upstarts messin' with their machine.
  • And you know what happened in the primary season,  time and again we in the RP camp saw voting irregularities, outright temper tantrums by the Establishment, and physical assault  Take Iowa for example, the 7-8 precincts where Ron Paul did well were simply not counted and then they made up a cover story to make it close between Romney and Santorum. Had those precincts counted, Ron Paul would have handily won. In South Carolina, the voting machine records from Spartanburg showed some very statistically unusual results with Ron Paul starting out in first place and then as a set number of votes were cast, Ron Paul's votes went down as Mitt Romney's went up.
  • All this cheating led up the climax of cheating: the RNC in Tampa with their infamous Rule 16. This rule would have cut out the grassroots forever, allowing the incumbent president power over who gets to have influence in the GOP. The man writing the minority opinion, Morton Blackwell, was kidnapped on a bus as the vote was being decided, the driver refusing to let him get off and walk to the convention center. Then the voice vote results were typed into the teleprompter for Boehner to read robotically. Even where Ron Paul won delegates, the MC refused to say his name from the podium, saying only 3 delegates, Romney, neglecting to say 15 or whatever Ron Paul. They couldn't even mention this Congressman who served in the military and honorably in the Congress keeping his oath to the best of his ability. That was perhaps the icing on the cake.
  • Join the Caption Contest at the Daily Paul
    This is just one little example of what I'm talking about.
    Romney folks had to resort to acting like my toddlers (they do the cover someone else mouth with their hand when they don't want to hear something.)
  • All these factors led to Ron Paul supporters taking the solemn "I'll never vote for Romney" oath. There was no blood involved, it was more of an internet pinky pledge.But after being maligned as potheads for pointing out that the War on Drugs is leading to a police state that will consume us all, all of liberty voters said, ya know what? Knock yourselves out-without us! CHEATERS NEVER WIN!


  • If you haven't seen Hacking Democracy, then you really should so that you can understand that these machines can be hacked on the memory chips and leave no evidence!!! Yes, they still have dead people voting, but actually being able to program the machines in secret is a huge advantage to someone other than the people!
  • The war on the human race is in full swing and it is funded by the endless, godless fiat money system. The agenda has been marching onward for 100 years in earnest. This is NOT about one administration. The agenda consists of the Communist Manifesto made real over the entire world with the banksters at the top. In my post, The Establishment: Naming Names and Tracing their Roots, I provide more than enough evidence that subversives to the Constitution have been using Fabian Socialism quite successfully for 100+ years to transform America. It didn't begin in the '60s, one could said it all began at the Tower of Babel, but that's another level. They want the human race drastically diminished. That's why they obsess over reproduction  energy usage, consumption rates, etc. They want to end private property rights with Agenda 21. They have had the public school system under their control since the 1920s at least. They have had the media purchased since that time also. This is what we need to be talking about not whether or not one  of their teleprompter reading puppets is going to "do anything" about the nations problems. They are hired to keep it going.
  • In my state of Tennessee, our election results were released just 11 minutes after the polls closed. Please see this interview with Bev Harris who says that lots of Romney votes were never counted. The fix was in back during the primary to ensure that the bankster ball player Romney who would carry the world government agenda forward. But the fix apparently was also in to ensure that their communist player Obama would take us under global governance with a smiley face. Drones away, baby!
  • Remember, Presidents aren't elected, they are selected. Until we actually talk about the fact that these voting machines are taking away our votes, and that there are domestic enemies about, we will never get anywhere.
  • Evil exists and it is coming for us. Ignorance is what it feeds upon. What is your knowledge level of the things I've discussed in this post? If you have no clue what I'm talking about, then you have work to do. Use this time of internet freedom to print out the evidence so that we can use in times of possible information control. 
So it would appear that our election system is really, really broken. No one wants to say it, because admitting it means you have to take responsibility for that knowledge. That opens a can of worms that no one really wants to hold. We'd much rather think that at least our process still has integrity. To think that just about everything in this nation has been subverted out from under us is too horrible for most people to get their minds around and they react defensively to the deep politics discussions. The more people that wake up, the safer we will all be. Thank the Lord that the number one group of awake Americans are our soldiers and veterans. 

Well, I think that concludes all my thoughts on this crazy year. Has anyone else grown politically this last year or expanded their knowledge base?


  1. How many RP supporters refused to vote for Romney?

    1. I for one. Voted for Gary Johnson. A VOICE AND A VOTE FOR LIBERTY IS NEVER WASTED. A vote for the entrenched always is. Maybe that is why no matter the vote the winding road is always in the same general direction.

      The Cliff's Edge.

    2. Count those who publicly declared they wouldn't ever vote for Romney:

      I sure didn't vote for him because I'm DONE playing games with these people.

    3. Hopefully ALL the RP supporters and ALL of the other rational people who took the time to vote refused to vote for Romney.

      But since you didn't see the question I asked (or chose not to answer), "Doo Doo, why does it matter?" I'll answer it myself. In no state did Romney lose because RP supporters refused to vote for him.

      This one is on the GOP (as all are) because if you run bad candidates, have no vision for the future, and can't convince sufficient people to support your lose. And you deserve to. Successful companies don't blame their customers when their products don't sell.

      The GOP is frantically running around "doing an Obama" because they lost. In other words they are looking for someone or something to blame. Anything but taking responsibility.

      I pray the GOP is dead forever so we can start anew. If not, there will just be a longer drawn out death of the country.

      The GOP is not the answer to our political problem, they are the problem.

  2. "Winning" Democrats Celebrate Gridlock.

    The results from Tuesday night's election tally means, we are in for at least two more years of gridlock. Voters voted for status quo. The democrats hold the presidency, and the senate, the republicans hold the house, so no change. It's going to be like ground hog day up in here for the foreseeable future.

  3. I may be a Libertarian but at least I don't wear the tinfoil hat you're sporting. It really looks good on you. Watch out! Next year, the One will force you to buy a fedora.

    1. Whatever dude. My tinfoil hat looks better than your dunce cap of ignorance. This blog's color scheme doesn't show my links very well, but I have backlinked my assertions pretty thoroughly.

    2. RM, I for one like your "tinfoil"hat. Keep up the great work and the pressure on!

    3. Thanks Les. We need to change the tinfoil hat pejorative into a "thinking cap" badge of pride.

  4. Great article. Yes, I have grown up this year and seen the truth about the Republican establishment. They cheat. The Democrats cheat. The things I saw at my county caucus still amaze me. They didn't want to follow Roberts Rules of Order from the beginning and were intent on mob rule without ever following the rules.

    1. Yes, Morton Blackwell has now come out saying that he didn't think that the bus situation was nefarious, but the girl interviewing him had her own experience. Needless to say, he told them right there in the rules committee at the RNC that their shenanigans would cost them the election and bow howdy was he right.

  5. "Romney was the last choice of the Republican base and everyone knows it. "

    How can someone write something that stupid and expect to be taken seriously? The base is who votes in primaries. Geez. Are you on dope?

    1. Are you blind? Eight of the precincts in Iowa around the universities where Ron Paul was doing well were never counted. The fraud and cheating in the primaries were blatant to anyone watching. Don't think about it too hard Chuck, wouldn't want you to hurt yourself. I wouldn't want to mess with your memory of the early caucus and primary states where the throngs of Mitt supporters were throwing rose petals before him in the streets, screaming "only if we had Mitt, our land would be healed!!!" Whose the doper?

    2. There's Chuckie Girl. Good to see you visit a site with something of value to offer Chuck. You just might learn something.

  6. " Eight of the precincts in Iowa around the universities where Ron Paul was doing well were never counted."

    You people are delusional. Pope Ron Paul never had any chance of getting close to the Republican nomination PRECISELY because the base is who votes in primaries. He's a fringe character and always has been. It's one thing to like the guy, but holy crap! To pretend he was actually outperforming Romney is insanity. I guess that's the point though, isn't it? The crazier your fantasy is, the more you're doing your yourself and to your Pope.

    You were never in the fight. You never will be. You're just playing a batshit crazy video game.

    1. Chuck, I don't even know what you're even talkingn about. If you read my blog, you'll see I called out the Ron Paul campaign for not confronting the fraud and letting the Establishment types like Trygve Olson co-opt it. d

      And by the way, the missing precincts are not in my head.

      From the left,

      From the right:

      From the locals:

      These precincts could very well have put Ron Paul over the top in Iowa. If you recall, (you probably don't at all), Santorum had 25%, Romney 25% and Paul 21%. Karl Rove chuckled when he said the missing votes probably got lost in the mail. There is a reason why the propaganda machine says Ron Paul or anyone like him can't win, they are deathly afraid of someone ruining their racket.

      Once again, you've spewed pap and I've responded with evidence from mainstream sources. I would be embarrassed if I were you.

  7. Ron Paul didn't lose because of fraud. The true fraud, however, is you calling yourself republican. You had a chance to vote against a Communist and out of nothing noble you decided not to. You aren't in this fight. You never were.

    1. You quoted my assertion that eight precincts in the Iowa primary went missing then proceeded to call me delusional. I quoted five mainstream sources backing up my claim and quoted the election night statistics showing that Ron Paul was within the margin of winning the Iowa primary.

      To quote a great America, Dr. Antony Sutton,

      "The Battle for American Independence can only be won with facts."

      Once again, you have just spewed some subjective crap out of your own head. I believe that America was founded as a republic, thus my handle reflects my status as a republican mother, one who trains her children to love the truth and rebuke that which is evil.

      I am training my five children to be knowledgable of history (by homeschooling them), to understand the principles our country was founded upon, and even doing research as a family to follow the money wherever it leads. I also teach children at my homeschool co-op about the Federal Reserve and fiat money. My blog contains a lot of documented evidence of how our country descended into socialism, which I provide ad-free to the general public just because I think its my civic duty to share what I've learned. I'm sorry if I'm not fighting hard enough in your estimation. But supporting a joke like Romney wouldn't change anything.

      I know I shouldn't feed the trolls, but sometimes its fun watching them flop around :)

    2. I could be worse Mr. Chuck.

      You were in the race. And you lost. And you will lose again next time. And the time after that, if your party is still in existence.

      You lost because of who your candidate was and what your party is. No one needs to vote for Democrat lite when they can have the real thing.

      And now it is too late. You OWN this defeat as sure as the Dems OWN the mess they have created with the help of the GOP.

      So keep looking for an "Obama." ("Obama" = excuse) But the only difference between him and you is that he has his hand in our pants and you have your hand in your own.

  8. The people who OWN it are the brain dead lunatics who claimed equivalence between Mitt Romney and a filthy, America-hating Communist. You people were never in any pursuit of freedom. You preferred to masturbate on the sidelines feeling good about your insane delusions.

    And here we are. We had a chance. You fools were no help.

  9. So you are saying that your bad candidate lost because people didn't vote for him. Someone is masturbating, but it isn't them.

    You own it. A party that put up a candidate who can't beat a filthy, America-hating communist who is a total failure in every category is a party that OWNS it's failure.

    You dumb-shits think people owe you something. My vote isn't yours to lose. You want people to vote for your candidate you better get good candidates. You have to earn votes.

  10. Have you learned and grown a little yet Chuck? Or is acknowledging the reality you supported a candidate that couldn't win even in his "home" states just too much to bear. Hating is easier I suppose, but it won't fix the underlying reason for Mitt's failure to best Obama. Time to fix the party, and enlarge the tent.

    I won't be holding my breath.

  11. Who was a better candidate than Romney, Grant Davies? Since you're pretending to know something, tell everyone who the better republican candidate was.

    Get on with it.

    1. Any candidate who doesn't recieve a treasure trove from the megabanks which make of the communist central banking cartel would be a better candidtate. These banks give money to whom they want to toe their line. So Ron Paul, Virgil, or Gary would have been better candidates.

      Had the national Republican Party actually listened to the grassroots, they most certainly could have won the election with Ron Paul, who appealed to many democrats with his foreign policy and laid back attitude on social issues. If those precincts hadn't gone missing and the media demanded them be counted, Ron Paul would have won the Iowa Primary, giving him momentem for New Hampshire, where he won second place anyway.

    2. Republicans didn't have a better candidate, that's why they lost. They haven't had a good one since Reagan went around them and won against their wishes.

      They whiffed even on the chances they were given, but the real problem is that gullible goofs who follow them along with the "I hate Obama" ring in their noses. They are the problem Chuck. You are the problem Chuck.

      Now we can also bring up the question as to why all the better candidates turned away from the challenge of getting the nod. Maybe they knew it was fixed already? Did they know that they couldn't win the hearts of the king makers so they opted out? Think of all those who said they wouldn't do it and ask yourself why. Of course it would be the only time you asked yourself anything.

      Hating Obama is not a political position much less a philosophical one Chuck. In fact, most gullible people like you don't even understand that Obama isn't the problem. I would explain that to you but you seem so dense it's a waste of time.

      I don't owe the GOP anything just because you and a whole group of gullible people were fear-mongered into licking the boots of your GOP puppet masters. If Romney had been the Dem nominee he would have won in a landslide. He's a Democrat you dope.

      So you just keep on "Obamaing" everyone except yourself and keep believing that you are a better person than anyone who isn't as dim witted as you.

  12. "You dumb-shits think people owe you something."

    No, Einstein. Your country is owed by people who claim to give a damn about it that they do the very minimum a citizen can do by voting against the worst candidate in the race.

    You couldn't even do that. You're worthless. Just a worthless heckler. When you had a chance to do something positive for your country, you balked. You put your own insane fetish miles ahead of your country.

    1. The education of Chuck continues...

      Once again he has no facts to back up his assertions, just his passionate belief that our freedom fetish is destroying America because we didn't support a candidate who at one time supported:

      a socialized medicine system straight out of the communist manifesto that
      provided $50 abortions
      an assault weapons ban
      banker bailouts
      gay pride days in the public schools
      World War III with Iran, despite never serving himself
      Patriot Act
      says nothhing about TSA grope downs
      won't touch the hemp issue
      continuing packing our prisons with non-violent offender

      I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff in addition to all that.

      Chuck's problem is that he's waiting for a Messianic figure to come and save him. That's not the American way. We can all work to promote a better country by exposing the root of the problem, which is fiat money and a corrupt oligarchy. Only a child still thinks that electing a president who is under control of the central banks will change anything.

      Ya'll don't tell Chuck about Santa not being real. I don't think he could handle that either.

    2. I don't value my country Chuck. I value my freedom and my rights. I used to value my country because it was the means to have those.

      My country is just a group of people with ideas and values, like any other organisation. When they cease to have values that put "Free-dom" above "Free-stuff" I have no use for them. I'm not proud to be just like Europe.

      So shove your flag and idiotic political party up your ass. I'll honor the country again when I am free again, if ever. But your political party won't be around so I won't be honoring them.

      I honor all the people who have resisted the tyranny, particularly our armed forces members, and I forgive all the dopes like you who thought that "Anyone but Obama" was their only choice. Even you Chuck, because children need forgiveness the most. They don't know any better.

      But I refuse to take your bullshit, so I answer it here. Grow up. You own this problem.

  13. "My country is just a group of people with ideas and values, like any other organisation"

    As I've I've already written and you've just confirmed; you were never in this fight. You were never an ally of liberty. Just a self obsessed heckler.

    "Anyone but Obama" was their only choice.

    In a two party country, there are two people in the race. The fact that that you're too stupid to understand even something that basic, that elemental, again confirms that you're worthless to the cause of saving this country.

    You were never on America's side and you never will be. You people are beyond sick.

    1. Which brings up the question; why are you here on this site talking to all these sick people. Why not just stick to touching yourself with your fellow Obama-ers on some GOP site?

      Saving the country by voting for a GOP sponsored Democrat? Now that IS sick.

      BTW, you are a self obsessed heckler on this site. Did that ever occur to you?

  14. Chuck can have the last word as far as I'm concerned. He/she will feel better then.

  15. Chuck...
    This is a child's playground. Unless you're into intellectual pedophilia, you don't belong here.

  16. Replies
    1. On a different topic; I wonder why these kinds of posters are attracted to engage in this kind of thing. What purpose do they wish to achieve?

      If they want to make a comment that says people of a different viewpoint are bad people, or to blame for whatever didn't happen for the their candidate, then by all means post your opinion and then exit. But if they think you will change any minds by posting insults and continuing on and on, they must be seriously delusional.

      The reason they don't have their own sites is because no one would read it. At least that's my suspicion.

    2. I enjoy presenting facts that can be verified, as it reinforces what I know to be true.

      The fact that people like Chuck can't rebut with opposing facts shows that he has no argument.

      The paranoid side of me sees Chuck as a Conintelpro agent hired to spew stuff. But if that were the case, it seems like the answers would be a bit more pat. I like to think the best of people, I want to think that there aren't people so dumb running around loose. But alas, the truth remains in the back of my mind and in the comment threads.

    3. In my view guys like Chuck fear what they don't understand and as a result cling to the familiar, even when it might be the problem, or part of the problem. His tough guy in your face response to those who disagree with him confirms his insecurity.

  17. Your defense mechanisms are showing, Less. You people know every word I've written is true. Your responses prove it, but you aren't able to admit it. You preen and congratulate one another on being good members of this demented little clique you've created, but you will soon see the fruits of your insane nihilism...and for what?

    What a shame.

    "Chuck can have the last word as far as I'm concerned."

    Of course, I can, Grant Davies, because you have no intellectual response to anything I've written. You people have shoved your heads so far up your rear ends, you think critical thought is beneath you. After all, why think when you can JUST KNOW.

    Brakabama appreciates your continued support.

  18. "I enjoy presenting facts that can be verified"

    And ignoring ones you don't enjoy. What a pity.

    1. It has been said ignorance is bliss Chuck. Your blissfulness is showing.

      What a shame.

  19. "The fact that people like Chuck can't rebut with opposing facts shows that he has no argument."

    I'm not about to dignify your asinine fantasy by pretending it's based in reality. If you truly think Pope Ron Paul got more primary votes than Mitt Romney, you need to be committed to an asylum.

    1. The race in dispute was Iowa, and I provided five links that show that all the votes there were not talleyed and these layed in heavily Ron Paul friendly areas. This is not in dispute.

      The Congressional testimony of a Diebold computer programmer saying he was ordered to rig the machines indicate that they can be rigged. In Hacking Democracy a voting machine is rigged to flip the votes totally. These are empirical studies that show that the voting machines are not secure. The thinking person has to wonder what the real vote talley is. I don't claim that Ron Paul got more primary votes, but I do claim that powerful interests are at work to rig our entire system. The true vote total will never be known.

      One thing that is known, a loser moderate Dem like Mitt Romney or the Maverick McCain will not win a national election again. Give the people a real candidate not bought off by Goldman Sachs and you will see big support.

    2. PS. Still no facts from Chuck, just more self-righteous drivel about his "superior intelligence". To borrow a line from Captain Kirk, "I'm laughing at the "superior" intelligence".

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Hey rm, it looks like Chuck removed his own what was likely nothing more than BS and derisive filled comment. Maybe he is figuring it out finally. :-)

    5. Guess I jumped the gun. Oh well, doesn't surprise me actually. When a guy has nothing but drivel and hyperbole what else should we expect?

      Undoubtedly the most pompous ass I've come across in "right" blogistan. He's by far worse than most progressives. A legend in his own mind methinks.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Intelligence isn't a virtue. Honesty, however, is.

    I cringe when I think that you're home schooling. My wife and I do, but we aren't demented Birchers. What amazes me is that you had a chance to vote against what is about to happen to your family and your country and you chose super crazy instead. When I read what you write, Jim Jones' rise to power makes more sense.

    You Kamikazes scare the crap out of me, ma'am. I think you're sincere. That's not a compliment.

    Diebold? Really?

    "The race in dispute was Iowa, and I provided five links that show that all the votes there were not talleyed and these layed(sic) in heavily Ron Paul friendly areas."

    Lay, not layed.(past tense of lie) Teach your children that bit of basic grammar.

    That aside, your obsession with Ron Paul creates in your mind issues that aren't really issues. There are no perfect elections and there never have been. While you claim Ron Paul didn't win any primaries, you stamp your feet about the injustice of his ballots going uncounted in some few precincts in Iowa. It doesn't add up unless you've made an idol of Ron Paul. I like Ron Paul, but his supporters give me the creeps. You people had a chance to do something toward making a better future and you punted out of nothing more noble than stupid spite.

    You deserve to be ashamed of yourselves. An unprecedented storm of misery and scarcity is coming and you did your part to make it worse. May God have mercy on you.

    1. A real intellectual giant you are Chuck. One that likely can't wipe his own ass.

    2. The federal reserve created the storm of misery and scarcity that is coming, not any one man.

      Diebold- yes really the computer programmer testified in front of Congress that he rigged the machines. That puts the whole system in doubt.

      Nice to see you're finally admitted that the precincts in Iowa were lost. Now if only you could do the arithmetic of how many Ron Paul needed to surpass Romney and Santorum (it wasn't much) and compare it to those eight missing precincts, you would understand my point. I'm only using the example of one state, because to use the several in which this kind of thing occurred would upset you greatly.

      I do not see Ron Paul as a Pope, but hold to the ideas he exposed with great integrity. The Constitution should be restated and we should repeal everything after 1913, with a few exceptions maybe.

      Don't knock the Birchers - Larry McDonald is a great American hero.

  22. Your frustration is understandable, Less. If you were more articulate, you'd be more articulate. You seem to not know the meanings of the words you use, friend. Do you know what the word hyperbole means? I do. I'm explaining to you people what you've chosen to support by default.

    I'm not wrong, Less. O, how I wish I were. Had I never been born, every word I'm writing would still be true.

  23. Since you can't seem to spell my name correctly I'm sure you won't mind if I spell yours wrong Chuckles.

    As for frustration, it is you who is frustrated, filled with rage because your puppy pissed his opportunity away. LMFAO.

    You see Chuckles, your arrogance and condescending diatribes against far superior individuals only confirms your inner insecurity.

    I am quite sure Chuckles you believe you are not wrong. After all your are a legend in your own mind.

    But in reality Chuckles, nobody is really interested in your brand. But I'm guessing that due to your self proclaimed superior intellect the last one flew over your head. The Cuckoo's Nest.

  24. Spell Mitt Romney, you self-worshiping adolescent.

    Give a shot, Junior.

    You don't like your name being mocked? Why? Why would you consider that unkind?

    Do tell, boy.

  25. " The Constitution should be restated and we should repeal everything after 1913, with a few exceptions maybe. "

    And we should all go to Heaven in a little rowboat.

    Reality isn't subjective. Ignorance is not a point of view.

  26. "The federal reserve created the storm of misery and scarcity that is coming, not any one man."

    True enough, but we don't have some singular malady to eradicate. The FED is not some monster in a cave ordering your life. If the Federal Reserve were eradicated tomorrow, some entity would step in to resume what it was doing, and it's certainly no guarantee that entity would do a better job.

    I'm no Leibniz, but what we have is how we got here. The Fed is not our enemy. WE are our ultimate enemy.

    I don't know what we should do. I pray about it an awful lot. Depriving the monster permission to indoctrinate our flesh and blood is a good start.

  27. Ah, Chuckles, I'm sure calling me boy and junior makes you feel like the big man. Fair enough.

    Keep living your anger and hate, apparently it is the only thing that gives you satisfaction.

    For the adults in the room I'm guessing most see you for what you are. A heap of human excrement.

    Toddles Chuckles...

  28. Been a while since I've visited LCR. I see we're still entertaining the "Self proclaimed epitome of critical thinking". In reality he's no more than the epitome of "poster child of public school educated"...
    It's my opinion that true "critical thinking" looks for all possibilities to find the truth, but I think truth is too painful to accept for many. It's clearly in plain sight!
    I suggest you look into what has been presented instead of spending your time digging a deeper hole.
    And thanks for a great post republicanmother. I have some fellow patriots I will be directing to your page!

  29. Your anger is understandable, Less. You know what you've done. You know what you've not done.

    I'd be ashamed too if I were you.

  30. Toddles? You can't even get gay right, Less?

    You need to get out more, Squirt.

  31. Chuckles, you are an even bigger FOOL than I originally thought.

    Anger, I guess you must be looking in the mirror once again. Huh Suzie Girl?

    Got a hint for ya. If by getting out more you mean to places you would frequent then I ain't interested.

    Have a god day jerk off.


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