Tolerance, Liberal Democrat Style

By the Left Coast Rebel

The following picture was taken this morning by my brother-in-law near the City of Brotherly Love.

You see, my brother-in-law committed the egregious violation of posting a Romney-Ryan sign on his front lawn and since Lower Merion, PA is packed to the gills with Democrats, libs, wackos and conservative-haters with no respect for property or difference or opinion (surprise, surprise)...

It's always shockingly ironic yet sadly unsurprising when folks from the party of tolerance, diversity and open-mindedness are the most intolerant, bigoted, closed-minded people in America.

They're tearing us apart at the seams and it's about time we told them to just shut the hell up.


  1. I moved away from the Main Line 16 years ago (lady friend), but, when I left, Lower Merion, along with Haverford Township and anyplace else in Montgomery, and most of Delaware, County, was hard-core Republican.

    I don't doubt there are plenty of tolerant Lefties there (college profs), but I'm a little surprised.

  2. This sort of thuggery seems common; there is a Romney sign up the street that has been defaced so.

    All the more reason to want the Dems strongly defeated in this election. They represent completely invalid interest, urges, and agendas that have no place in a civil society.

  3. Could this be the work of Anon the it that has been trolling for months over at my place?

    For real though, this is precisely what the progressive collectivist and fascistic ideology of the left has devolved into.

  4. And they are unable see the irony.


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