Post Your GPOY, Obama

By Rightklik

When you want America to know that you really, really, really care, you gotta look important and you gotta make sure your photographer is ready to take the important shot. Then you can post your GPOY (Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself).

Obama shows us how it's done:

He works hard for you. Sometimes.

The only thing that beats the obligatory map GPOY is the GPOY from the Situation Room:

But Obama forgot his Benghazi GPOY!


  1. .

    And let US guess. Had the President gone to Ohio to host swing-state "relief" events instead of doing the Presidential thing, what would the mighty mouth of mendacious mumblings (Mark Levine) be cwying about?

    Ema Nymton

    1. You listen to Mark Levin? Good education for you.

  2. Ema,

    I think the ire most conservatives feel towards that the president is due to him constantly begging for credit for doing the job he spent over a year running for and millions of dollars to attain. That's like me wanting to receive credit for taking a damned shower. "Oh look at me everyone! Look what I did! I'm a responsible adult!" Any time he's actually doing what a president should, you can bet your ass there's going to be cameras there. Say what you will about Bush, I was never a huge fan, but he's at veteran hospitals on probably a weekly basis and I think you've maybe heard about it a handful of times. That's the difference between an adult and the childish narcissist that we currently have.


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