Hillary Appoints CYA Review Board on Benghazi

By Proof

Most notable takeaway: "We cannot afford to sacrifice accuracy to speed." Oh, really? Wasn't it just a month ago that you and the rest of the Obama administration were pronouncing some obscure video as the cause of the violence, even though you had evidence within hours of the attack that it wasn't a "demonstration that escalated", but a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11? Is this some new found principle with you, Ms. Clinton, because it certainly looked like speed rather than accuracy was the watchword in getting out a political cover story to protect Obama's failed Middle East policy, just a few short weeks ago.

And wasn't it you, Madame Secretary, who spent some $70,000 of taxpayer's money to produce a commercial to show in Pockeestan (with all due reverence to BHO), to distance the US from a video that more people heard about through your commercial than had ever heard of it in the first place? Trying to commit a little "self fulfilling prophecy" here, Mrs. C? Blame the video for inflaming Muslims and then go out and inflame millions of Muslims to prove your point? Wasn't that apology a "rush" job as well?

And now you've appointed a government committee, notorious for their slowness, which you have already told us will be slow and deliberate (well, at least slow!) to chew over the facts until sometime after the November elections, before anyone owns up to their responsibility in the obvious failure to defend the US soil of our embassy?

I see your review board as little more than a CYA movement, to Cover Your Assets politically and to stall any real investigation until any outrage over the events is deferred past the November 6th elections.

It is good for you to be prudent in your investigations, at least belatedly. I hear that Obama is fitting you for a nice spot under his bus...after he's milked your husband for all the campaign help he can get. Perhaps you are his last "October Surprise"?

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