Barack Obama is "Fighting for You"...Above His Weight Class!

By Proof

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This week, I saw what was to be an unfortunate comparison for the Democrat contender for the Presidency. BTW, is the opposite of "Rocky", "Stoney"?

Many of you know, I live in Stockton California, at one time, and perhaps to date, the largest city in the country to declare bankruptcy. As such, I guess we are a microcosm of the country at large.

Anyway, in the mayoral race here, the top of the ticket citywide, the Mayor is running for re-election. Not running on her record, because, after all...we're bankrupt! Crime is on the rise. We don't have enough money to pay for all the police we need and many experienced officers are taking their time and talents elsewhere. Cops are leaving about as fast (or faster) than we can hire them. This makes crime suppression and criminal apprehension a challenge at best.

So, she can't really promise a lot of pork, since there's little to dish out. She can't run on how wonderful things are since she's been mayor, so what does she do? She adopts the campaign slogan that she is "fighting for our city". Wow. I feel better already!

And then I got to thinking that I'd heard that someplace before. Obama's closing statement at the first presidential debate he said he was "fighting for us"! No offense, Mr. President, but...
...if you throw Pee Wee Herman in against Mike Tyson, it really doesn't matter how hard he's fighting for us, if he doesn't have what it takes to get the job done.

Obama must have focus grouped this word, since it's a regular part of his stump speech.
"Mr. Obama used the word "fighting" thirteen times in the speech, which he delivered at Lorain County Community College in Elyria, and the word "fight" an additional nine times." Jan 2010

Video from Jan of 2012: in addition to repeating the lie that he's "signed a "trillion dollars in spending cuts", even though the federal budget only gets larger every single year under Obama, and that he will wake up every single day (before he heads to the golf course) to think about how to make this country better, Obama promises to "spend every ounce of energy I have fighting for you".
 Jan 2012
Again, Pee Wee Herman can spend "every ounce of energy he has" against Mike Tyson, but the results will be the same. Even Clueless Joe Biden is getting into the act!

@JoeBiden tweeted, in what has been called "the most focus-grouped tweet in the history of Twitter", "Barack and I are in this because we'll never stop fighting for you."

Why does Team Obama tell you they are "fighting for you"? Simple. To distract you from the actual results of any "fighting". Presumably, Obama has been "spending every ounce of energy he has" fighting for us, for the last four years and where has it gotten us? In 2008, candidate Obama told us that, as president, he would go through the budget "line by line" to discover and eliminate any waste in government spending. Other than cuts to the military, can you point to even a single line of that budget he has cut? Instead, it has grown to Brobdingnagian proportions under his "watchful eye"!

And when he tells us of his "vision" for America, one filled with flowery words and empty platitudes...didn't he have the exact same vision four years ago? What's changed that makes you think he will be any more successful the next four years than he was the last four?

And do you honestly think the country can survive four more years of high unemployment, higher gas prices, higher energy and food costs? Please don't "vote like your 'lady parts' depend on it" Vote like all your parts depend on it.

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  1. your Mayor is a nut job like Obama

    1. When you can't run on your record, you embrace meaningless platitudes.

  2. What makes anyone think Obama will have a successful second term?

    More hope... and believing that continuing to do insane things will eventually work?

    1. Barry's caddy has high hopes for a second term!

  3. "Success" in the traditional definition isn't what Obama has in mind for his 2nd term, his plans are "different," but more along the lines of Hugo Chavez.

  4. We live in Angels Camp and come to Stockton about every three or four weeks. It's a day trip and we go to Costco for necessities and until recently lunched at Noah's a favorite watering hole. We were wondering who the mayor was, and who was running on that slogan.
    However you got where are currently, I am sorry. And, I don't know how you plan to get yourselves out of this jam, but I like Stockton. There is something unique about your city: University of the Pacific, the Sports Complex (we go to hockey games), and all that different ethnic food. (I'm not really a foodie person, we just switched to vegan food because of my husband's diabetes and have had to change how we eat.) I remember watching the overpass at Hammer and the 99 being built. You city has gone through lots of phases, including the rise and fall of Weston Ranch. A lot of money has been spent in Stockton, and I don't know who footed the bill, but there seemed to be a real effort to modernize and bring that larger city ambiance to Stockton.
    I hope you can fix whatever is wrong.


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