A Voter ID "Heads Up" for all you Poor, Incompetent, Elderly People*

*And you know who you are!

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I heard a sob story on the news today, in relation to the Pennsylvania Voter ID law. A spokesperson for a group opposing voter ID said that such laws "hurt the poor, the elderly and the handicapped", who must be somehow disproportionately unable to obtain the photo ID essential for so much of a person's life.

I dealt with this at some length in "Voter "Suppression" Laws, and Other Myths", but there was one thing that occurred to me today, that I don't remember anyone else bringing up. Perhaps, it's because the arguments against voter ID are so patently false, shallow and preposterous that they scarcely deserve a serious debunking.

If there were a small percentage of the population that does not have a driver's license (when most states offer an alternate photo ID), was too poor (unlikely, since most states have a provision for free IDs), elderly (as if this were a disability - ask the next senior you meet just how incompetent they are...then duck!) or handicapped, upon whom it would be a hardship to obtain the photo ID they need to drive, or fly, or cash a check, or purchase alcohol, or enter Federal buildings, or purchase real estate, or any number of activities engaged in by the majority of productive and nonproductive Americans alike, then efforts could be made to assist them, right?

Most people drive themselves to their polling places, some may catch a ride with a friend, but those who do not have driver's licenses, or are too infirm to drive themselves...typically do not go to the polling places at all! They vote absentee! What better candidate for an absentee ballot than someone without the ability or means to drive themselves to the polls??

And now, are all you liberals, from the Democrat Party, Official Sponsor of Voter Fraud™, going to tell us that all those potentially disenfranchised voters, who are all duly registered, had the ability, somehow, to legally register to vote, but are not competent enough to request a simple absentee ballot?? Good luck with that!

Sorry, libs! Your case against voter ID, which was always weak, is now deader than a Cook County Democrat voter!

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  1. 8 of the 19 9/11 hijackers were registered to vote by Florida motor voter laws. DOJ ( http://newsbusters.org/blogs/mark-finkelstein/2007/11/02/eight-9-11-hijackers-were-registered-vote-will-msm-drive-story )

    1. Must not be that hard to get an ID then, huh?

    2. Lax criteria and or poor oversight of it application.


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